Published Books and Articles

Heart of America Carnival Glass Association and all carnival glass collectors of yesterday, today and in the future are indebted to these early researchers and authors of books and articles on the topic of our hobby. The tireless efforts that they put in to gather information and knowledge on the patterns, makers, shapes and all other aspects of carnival glass is greatly appreciated. Their work formed a foundation of knowledge for those of us to expand on and thus they built a hobby and a community that still exists today and hopefully forever.

The books and articles below must be read in the context of the time period that they were written. Remember, these were written in a period where no or very little information was available. As time as passed, we have built upon their initial research and thus some statements in these materials we now know are not correct but were the best knowledge at the time. Let us hope that new individuals continue their efforts and that we continue to learn new information and refine what we already know.

Marion T. Hartung

Marion T. Hartung; of Emporia, Kansas; wrote a series of ten carnival glass books. Each book identified 100 patterns with hand drawn pictures. Her naming conventions are still used today. Attribution of patterns to certain glass manufacturers were made, but many have been revised since with new research. These ten books provided the first reference material for the new hobby of Carnival Glass collecting.

First Book of Carnival Glass
Second Book of Carnival Glass
Third Book of Carnival Glass
Fourth Book of Carnival Glass
Fifth Book of Carnival Glass
Sixth Book of Carnival Glass
Seventh Book of Carnival Glass
Eighth Book of Carnival Glass
Ninth Book of Carnival Glass
Tenth Book of Carnival Glass

Carnival Glass in Color

Hartung Robbery

Heart of America Carnival Glass Association

These three books are a collection of articles written by John & Lucile Britt, Dean & Diane Fry and Chuck Kremer for various club newsletters. HOACGA issued these three educational books for the benefit of its members.

Educational Series I - 1990
Educational Series II - 1992
Educational Series III - 1996

HOACGA also prepared these color newsletter inserts on patterns, shapes and motifs:
Sep 1992 - About Those Bon-Bons
Mar 1993 - Handled Compote or Footed Bon-bon
Dec 1999 - Merry Christmas
Mar 2000 - It's the Berries
Jun 2000 - Inverted Strawberry
Sep 2000 - Millersburg Compotes
Dec 2000 - Butterfly and Berry
Mar 2001 - Cosmos and Cane
Jun 2001 - Top ten bonbons
Sep 2001 - Ribbon candy edges
Dec 2001 - Tornado Vases
Mar 2002 - Elegance & Linn's Mums

Heart of America Carnival Glass Association

HOACGA produced "notebook" insert sections for the various shapes in carnival glass.

1980 - Mugs
1981 - Table Sets
1982 - Water Sets (1)
1983 - Water Sets (2)
1984 - Water Sets (3)
1985 & 1986 - Rosebowls
1987 - Small Plates (1)
1988 - Small Plates (2)
1989 - Chop Plates
1990 - Regular Plates (1)
1991 - Regular Plates (2)
1993 - Compotes
1994 - Compotes
1995 - Punch Sets
1996 - Vases (1)
1997 - Vases (2)
1998 - Vases (3)
1999 - Vases (4)
2000 - Vases (5)
2001 - Vases (6)
Candlesticks (1)
CandleSticks (2)
Bonbons and Nappies
Cordial, Whiskey, Wine Sets & Goblets
Miniatures, Novelties and Smalls (1)
Miniatures, Novelties and Smalls (2)
Miniatures, Novelties and Smalls (3)

HOACGA's First 25 Years

Donald E. Moore

Don and Connie Moore were avid collectors and members of various clubs. Don made many presentations at club conventions.

The Shape of Things in Carnival Glass

Carnival Glass - A Collection of Writings

The Complete Guide to Carnival Glass Rarities ( Color Line Approach)

Articles in Collectors Magazines

During the 1950s through to the 1980s, various subscription publications were available to interested collectors. These magazines could cover general topics on antiques or could be more focused on a particular collectible such as glass.

The Spinning Wheel:
January 1952

The Western Collector:
October 1963
October 1970
September 1971

the Antique Journal:
November 1972

Articles in Collectors Magazines -cont

The Antique Trader:
January 14, 1981
February 25, 1981
April 29, 1981
April 7, 1982
February 20, 1985
February, 1996
October 3, 2012

The Wichita Eagle-Beacon:
October 25, 1981

The Glass Collector (1982 & 1983):
Karnival Kwickies

The West Coast Peddler:
September 1984

John Resnik Advertising Pieces

The Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass Lettered Pieces

John Resnik's Research Material

Collecting Glass by William Heacock

In 1986, William Heacock published a set of three magazines called "Collecting Glass" which contained the following article:

The Carnival Glass Connections
The Mysteries of Researching Carnival Glass


Iridescent Glass; Aurene, Carnival, Tiffany. Copyright 1956 by Larry Freeman

The World of Enameled Carnival Glass Tumblers by Cecil Whitley

Rose Presznick "Personal Heirloom Collection" Carnival Glass Auction

Ray and Anna Wishard Collection Auction Brochure and Price List

Womans Day Magazine 1965 Article

O. Joe Olson

O. Joe Olson was a founder of the "Original" Carnival Glass Society as well as the editor of an early newsletter. He wrote two books. First is about the discovery of the origins of the God and Home water set. This book also includes history of collecting in the 1950s and 1960s. He also wrote a second book on collecting carnival glass in the 1970s.

God and Home, Carnival Glass Superstar

Carnival Glass In the Climactic 1970's

Newsletter written by O. J. Olsen in the 1970s:

The Carnival Glass News and Views

The Carnival Glass Tumbler News

The Carnival Glass Tumbler and Mug News

Jack. D. Wilson

Jack published a series of 11 research notes on Millersburg glass. In 1982, he published all 11 notes in one publication.

Millersburg Research Notes

E. Ward Russell

E. Ward Russell founded the Nation's Capital Carnival Glass Club and was a founding member of the American Carnival Glass Club. He owned the Glass House which commissioned Imperial Glass to make various pieces for re-sale. He also published a subscription magazine in 1973 and 1974 called "National Carnival Glass News". Each year had 6 issues. Below are some of the issues.

1973 - #4, #5, #6

1974 - #1, #3, #4, #5, #6