John Resnik's Research Materials on Lettered Carnival Glass
To write his book, "The Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass Lettered Pieces", John Resnik had to research the identity and location of the business advertised on the pieces. He reached out to libraries, chambers of commerce, local officials and others to inquire about the various businesses. He followed many leads, several of which did not pan out. But through his perseverance, he was able to gather much data and ultimately publish his book. Upon his death, John's wife gave to Tom Mordini a binder of John's notes, correspondence and assorted documentation of his research. Tom later gave the binder to Christina Katsikas who in turn gave it to HOACGA to be included in its digital archives.

Since the book's publications, additional documentation and advertising has been found for many of the companies. The documentation below represents John's research material as presented to Tom Mordini, no more no less.

John obtained an article written by Helen James (undated) that helped him understand the lettered pieces available. To document his research John completed an "Advertising Worksheet" for each piece. On this worksheet, John noted the company name, address, business type, shapes known, maker, back pattern and finally his comments. He also noted a range of prices for each shape. He wrote his notes on these worksheets and attached what documentation he received to them. Taking these worksheets, John then typed a draft manuscript of his book. Below are John's Advertising Worksheets and his documetation for each of the patterns John presents in his book. John's research binder did include materials, such as emails and photos, that he received after the printing of his book. These are included in the below documentation. Those items below without a link had no paperwork in John's binder. John was probably able to write these pages using other carnival glass research material he had.
Section A: Standard Sized Advertising Pieces


Isaac Benesch & Sons

Brazier's Candies

Broecker's Flour

Campbell and Beesley

Central Shoe Store

Davidson's Society Chocolates

Dorsey and Funkenstein

Dreibus Parfait Sweets

Eagle Furniture

Exchange Bank

Fern Brand Chocolates

Garden Mums

Geo. W. Getts.

Gevurtz Bros Furniture

Greengard Furniture

E.A. Hudson Furniture

Jockey Club

Ogden Furniture

Eat Paradise Sodas

Rood's Chocolates

Smith, Norris N.

Sterling Furniture

Utah Liquor Co.

Section B: Non-Standard Sized Advertising Pieces

Bernheimer Bros.

Birmingham Age Herald

Imperial Paperweight

J N Ledford

Pacific Coast Mail Order

Spectors Department Store

Section C: Commemoratives

Brooklyn Bridge

Cleveland Memorial Ashtray

Courthouse, Millersburg

Elk, 1911 Atlantic City, Fenton

Elk, 1910 Detroit, Fenton

Elk, 1910 Detroit, Millersburg

Elk Paperweight, Millersburg

Elk, 1914 Parkersburg, Fenton

Good Luck, Fenton

Good Luck, Northwood

Illinois Solders and Sailors Home

Indianapolis Soldiers and Sailors Monument

Indiana State House

Not included in John Resnik's book are the following patterns as they were not yet discovered.
Penny and Gentles Elk, Dugan Elk, 1912 Portland, Fenton
Also not included in John Resnik's book are those pieces that have advertising as a secondary pattern such as advertising in the collar base (Horlacher, Howard Furniture, H. Maday, or Old Rose Distilling), advertising on the bottom of a Peacock Tail hat or advertising on the inside bottom of an Open Edge hat.