Peacock Tail - Fenton
Peacock Tail is found in a variety of bowl shapes and colors as well as two handled bonbons (both stemmed and collar base), compotes, hats, an occasional plate and a very rare breakfast set. Red bowls (above left) seem only to be found in 6-7 inch ice cream shapes. The amethyst square ruffled and crimped bowl is very rare. It measures 7 1/2 inches across (9 1/2 on its longest dimension) and is courtesy of Gale Eichhorst. On the right, a typical tricorner bowl or plate--except that this one has some opalescence around the edge. Courtesy of Galen and Kathi Johnson.
The first two photos on the left show the two variations of the two handled bonbons. The marigold bonbon has a collar base while the amethyst one is stemmed and has an eight sided base. Green bonbons are also found.

Peacock Tail hats are mostly found in green but amethyst, blue and marigold are also known. These have an octagonal base that is factory ground. Hats are bout 6 1/2 inches across at the longest point and are about 3 inches tall. Hats were sometimes used to make advertising pieces. These advertising hats are always found in green.

On the left is a typical stemmed compote with a round base. This one is in green but amethyst, blue and marigld are also known.

The two photos to the right show a rare Peacock Tail creamer in marigold. It is about 3 1/4 inches tall and has a 1 7/8 inch collar base. There is a photo of a green open sugar in Peacock Tail on Hooked On Carnival. The creamer and the open sugar would form a very rare breakfast set.

Peacock Tail bowls can come in four sizes and several different edge treatments. The four bowl sizes are sauce, medium, standard and large. Bowls are easily found in amethyst, green and marigold. Rarer color bowls would be found in blue, green opal, peach opal, red and vaseline. A standard bowl and six sauce bowls can be combined to form a berry set. Pictured above is a meduim sized round flared bowl in amethyst with "Horlacher" advertising in the marie. Medium Horlacher bowls may also be found in green.

Plates are found in three sizes; 6 inches across, 9 inches across and a very rare chop plate which is 11 inches across. Plates are mainly found in marigold but the small plate may also be found infrequently in amethyst and blue. Picture, above to the left, is an 11 inch chop plate.