Contemporary Carnival Glass Plates

Bicentennial, Fenton - Fenton made two plates for the American bicentennial, one depicting the American Eagle and the other, George Washington and The Marquis de Lafayette at Valley Forge.

Bicentennial, Indiana - Indiana Glass made a four boxed collectors plates for the American bicentennial.

Bicentennial, St. Clair - Many of the makers of Carnival Glass made pieces in anticipation of the United States Bicentennial celebration in 1976, Joe St. Clair among them. This 5-inch plate is blue. Available in other colors such as iridized green and red.

Cherokee Strip Museum, Wetzel - Robert Wetzel made six souvenir plates for the Cherokee Strip Museum in Alva OK.

Cherry Chain, Fenton - Fenton reissued its Cherry Chain pattern in large bowls, chop plates made from the large bowl mold, and rosebowls. The pattern on the back is Orange Tree. Ruffled bowls in red and aqua opal are the most often seen; chop plates are hard to find. Marked Fenton.

Christ Died For Our Sins, Millville Art Glass - This 8-inch amethyst plate was made by Millville Art Glass, Millville, New Jersey. Molded into the underside of the collar base are the words "Millville Art Glass 1975." Also found is an ashtray. In additon to the amethyst, these may be found in a green base glass.

Christmas in America Series, Fenton - From 1970 to 1981, Fenton made an annual Christmas plate depicting a famous church.

Christmas Plates (12 Days of), Imperial - From 1970 to 1981, Imperial also made an annual Christmas plate depicting each of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Christmas 1983, Mosser - This small plate in red is marked with Mosser's Capital M in the outline of the state of Ohio. It also says 1983.

Christmas Plates, Smith - L.E. Smith also made an annual Christmas plate during the early 1970s.

Chrysanthemum Chop Plates, Imperial and Summit - These are the same size and pattern as the Classic Era plates, reissued by Imperial and then Summit. Made in marigold, smoke, white, and ice blue from 1965 to 1970 by Imperial and it's successors. Imperial marked the re-issues with their various trademarks of the period including LIG and ALIG. The mark would be on the reverse side in the collar base. Summit then acquired the mold and made the plate in a number of other colors still retaining the ALIG mark.

Coin Plate, Imperial - Imperial made two crystal coin plates in the early 1970s. One of these plates was made in carnival glass. Summit Glass may be the actual maker. Although the coins in the plate are from 1964, Imperial made its crystal plate in 1971.

Craftsmen Series, Fenton - From 1970 to 1981, Fenton produced a series of 12 amethyst plates celebrating craftsmen in early America. On the front of each plate is a depiction of that craftman, often a famous person in American history.

Cupid, St. Clair and Summit - These plates are 8 1/4 inches across. An ice blue plate was made by Summit Art Glass and the cobalt blue, above, was made by St. Clair.

Currier and Ives Plates, Fenton - From 1982 to 1984, Fenton produced four plates in blue or amethyst that depicted scenes from Currier and Ives prints.

Degenhart Plate, Degenhart - Mrs Degenhart owned the Degenhart Crystal Glass Company until it was sold to the Boyds. After her death a Degenhart Museum was opened to show her paperweight collection and other Degenhart pieces.

Elks, St. Clair - Joe St. Clair used the same back on this 5 1/4 inch plate as he did on the Grape plate and the Morgan Dollar plate. This marigold piece was made in 1971 and numbered 422 of 2,000 made.

Fairy Tale - A set of four of these small plates were made in the early 1970s.

Farmyard Chop Plates, MIMI and Fenton for Singleton Bailey - A new mold was made to make these contemporary Farmyard pieces.

Fenton Collectibles Plates - Fenton Collectibles produced a series of plates which are marked with an "FC" under a crown.

Fostoria American Milestones Plates - Fostoria made a series of six collectible oval shaped plates for the American Bicentennial. The series was called "American Milestones".

Frank Fenton Birthday Plate - The red plate was made in celebration of Frank M. Fenton's 85th birthday. The plate is marked on the bottom noting his birthday. See the invitation to Frank's Birthday party here. Whimsies were made of these red plates into bowls, rosebowls and heart shaped nappies.

Fruits and Flowers, LG Wright - The chop plate shown above is huge at 14 inches across. The front pattern appears to be almost identical to Northwood's Fruits and Flowers, though much larger. The back pattern is unlike that of the Northwood pieces. This one is in black amethyst and has a logo that could be mistaken for the Northwood "N". It was, however, made by L.G. Wright.

Garden of Eden, Fenton - The Garden of Eden plate was made by Fenton in 1985. The pattern is also found on a bell. The pattern on the plate depicts an image of God observing Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Animals such as the snake, deer and elephant can be seen.

Good Luck, Fenton - Fenton made two new molds for Good Luck. The larger mold made these chop plates and a smaller mold made ruffled bowls.

Grape, St. Clair - These 5 1/4 inch blue plates have fooled many a collector into thinking they've found a treasure. They're quite attractive but are not from the classic era.

Heart and Vine, Fenton - Fenton reissued their Heart and Vine pattern in plates and bowls in amethyst and blue.

Holmes County Festival - These plates were also made to be souvenirs of the Holmes County Antique Festival.

Homestead, Imperial and Summit - Similar to the Chrysanthemum plate, made using the same mold for the front as the classic era, the back of this reissue is plain with stippling and the IG mark in the base (the original had a ribbed back and no mark or stippling in the base).

Holly City Plates - Holly City in New Jersey made several series of plates comemmorating various things such as the bicentennial and the Apollo missions.

Immaculate Conception, Fenton - Fenton made this plate to commemorate the Immaculate Conception church. The plate is marked on the back with Fenton in an oval and has a Fenton sticker.

Lions, Fenton Collectibles - Fenton Collectibles in Missouri made this small 5 inch plate from an Encore mold for Wroda Auction Services as a souvenir. Found only in red.

Monuments plates, Imperial - Starting in 1969, E. Ward Russell commissioned a series of seven plates celebrating America's greatest landmarks. All were made by Imperial except the 1974 plate. This plate was made by Westmoreland.

Mother's Day, Fenton - Beginning in 1971, Fenton produced a series of 9 plates honoring Mother's Day. Each plate showed a mother and child and was based on a famous painting or sculpture.

Nation's Capital plate, Imperial - The Nation's Capital Carnival Glass Club was organized in 1964. This plate, commissioned by the founder and president of the club, E. Ward Russell, shows the capitol building in Washington, DC.

Old Sleepy Eye - This miniature plate is only 4 inches across. The words "Old Sleepy Eye" appear under the face. Vary rare. Also found in a toothpick.

Open Edge Plates, L.E. Smith - Smith made different versions of plates, all with this same open edge scroll work. They include famous americans, ICGA souvenirs and a Christmas plate.

Open Edge Plates, Westmoreland - Westmoreland made a series of milk glass open edge or ribbon plates that were ultimately made in blue and amethyst carnival glass.

Open Rose Chop Plate, Imperial - Imperial made several shapes using classic era molds in Open Rose and Lustre Rose. However the chop plate shown here is a contemporary mold. They are made in marigold or smoke on milk glass, ameythst and other colors. Marked "IG".

Pansy, Imperial - Imperial made this Pansy plate as HOACGA's 2000 convention souvenir.

Peacocks, LG Wright - These chop plates and large bowls are made by Westmorland for LG Wright. The back has a butterfly or moth pattern.

Peacock and Dahlia, Fenton - These small plates are made by Fenton. Some are used as HOACGA souvenirs.

Peacock Tail and Daisy, Levay - Peacock Tail and Daisy chop plate made by Westmoreland. Supposedly only 1,000 of these 9 3/4-inch red plates were made for Levay in the late 1970s or 1980s. This is a classic era Westmoreland mold.

Persian Medallion, Fenton - Fenton began reproducing Persian Medallion in the 1970s. Several colors are found including amethyst, red, lavender, marigold, peach opal, blue, ice blue, pink, white and vaseline opal.

Pony, LG Wright and Levay - Some of these reproductions are particularly difficult to tell from the originals as they are made from the same mold, not marked and made in classic era colors of amethyst and marigold. Red plates are marked Levay as well as numbered on the back.

Romeo and Juliet - Titled "Romeo and Juliet, Valentine's Day, 1972," this plate is in marigold. This was susposed to be Number 1 in a series of plates depicting famous lovers. However, no others have been seen. Made by Fenton for Kensington Glass and China Company.

Wheaton Series Plates - Wheaton Glass of New Jersey made several series of carnival glass plates including Astronauts, Bicentennial, Christmas, Great Americans, and Presidents

Windmill, Imperial - Blue Windmill plates have been made by Imperial and marked with the "IG". 9 1/2 inch oval trays also in Aurora Blue, were made by Imperial. Other colors were made by L.E. Smith.