Imperial Rose Reproductions
Water sets were reissued by Imperial in marigold (Rubigold), smoke (Peacock), both marked IG, this cobalt blue (marked ALIG) and a rare yellow (also marked ALIG from 1982).
These photos show a potpourri of reproduction Open Rose and Lustre Rose pieces. Top left are bowls in teal (7 3/4 inch) made by Smith and an Imperial (LIG) cobalt (6 1/2 inch) in the shape of a fernery. Top right is a blue three-piece table set (the only way the new sets come) marked ALIG. Table sets are also known in marigold and white. Bottom left is an Open Rose three-in-one edged bowl in marigold on moonstone. It is believed that this was a prototype made for Sears Roebuck and ultimately rejected by them. This shaped bowl in various colors is prbably the most seen reproduction. The small whimsies, bottom right, were purchased at Imperial's company store.

Imperial's molds have passed through many hands and additional versions and colors were probably made.

Ferneries were reissued by Imperial in cobalt (Aurora Jewels), white, pink, and Meadow Green.

Large Chop Plates, about 10 1/2 inches, were reissued by Imperial in marigold (Rubigold), smoke (Peacock), and pink.