Heart of America Carnival Glass Association (HOACGA) Souvenirs
A group of carnival glass collectors from the Kansas City Missouri area met on April 31, 1972, and decided to form a club. They decided to call the club; Heart of America Carnival Glass Association or HOACGA. A committee was named to prepare the by-laws for the new organization and at the next meeting of the organization, held on May 7, 1972, they voted on the by-laws and elected officers. The club then advertised HOACGA in the Antique Trader weekly publication and extended club membership to people from all over the United States. The Heart of America Carnival Glass Association quickly grew to approximately 165 members nationwide by March 1, 1973. The first HOACGA convention was held on April 27 & 28, 1973 at the Western Hills Motor Hotel in Merriam, KS.

The Heart of America Carnival Glass Association uses the Good Luck pattern as its symbol and for the second convention held in 1974, souvenirs were ordered. Indiana Glass and L.E. Smith Glass made some early souvenirs, but Fenton has made most pieces in many shapes and colors for HOACGA since 1978.

In additon to the souvenirs listed below, HOACGA had Fenton or Mosser Glass make banquet favors or room display favors for attendees of its conventions. See them HERE.

At the left are the 1974 and 1975 souvenirs. In 1974, Indiana Glass made the water pitchers and in 1975 they made a set of six matching tumblers. The exterior of both the water pitcher and the tumblers say "Good Luck 1974 HOACGA", so you would think that the tumblers were also from 1974. But on the bottom inside of each tumbler it says "Souvenir of 1975". These pieces have thick glass and are very heavy. They were made in red. Read this letter from the President of HOACGA from 1973 announcing the sale of the 1974 souvenirs.

In the center is a seven piece whiskey set made by Fenton for the 1976 convention. These were also only made in red.

On the right are the 1977 hatpin holder by L.E. Smith Glass, the 1978 corn vase by Fenton and the 1979 loving cup by Fenton. The hatpin holders also came with two hatpins. Each of these souvenirs were made in red and again feature the words "Good Luck"; a horseshoe with the year and "HOACGA" below that.

At the left are the 1980, 1981 and 1982 souvenirs. The 1980 souvenir was again a hatpin holder but this time it was made by Fenton and in ice green. This hatpin holder did not come with any hatpins. The 1981 souvenir is a replica of the Grape and Cable candle lamp and is made by Fenton in red. In 1982, HOACGA again made a corn vase but in ice blue. These three souvenirs all say "Good Luck Year HOACGA" as well as showing the HOACGA symbol; the horseshoe.

In the center are the 1983 and 1984 convention souvenirs. In 1983, HOACGA again made a loving cup but in marigold over milk glass. The 1984 souvenir was a Butterfly and Berry three footed rosebowl in red. In the photo on the right you can see the interior of this rosebowl.

At the left are the 1985 through 1989 souvenirs. For each year Fenton made a bell of the same design but a different color. The bells are to commemorate the founders of each of the big five carnival glass companies of the 1910s. Each bell has three panels around the ribbed bell. One panel has a pattern similar to Dugan's Circle Scroll. In this panel is the Fenton mark. The second panel has the typical HOACGA horseshoe, the year and the words "Good Luck". The third panel has a portrait of the following: 1985 - Harry Northwood (Northwood), 1986 - Frank L. Fenton (Fenton); 1987 - John L. Fenton (Millersburg), 1988 - Edward H. Muhleman (Imperial), 1989 - Thomas A. E. Dugan (Dugan). The official colors of the souvenir bells are red, green opalescent, blue, marigold, and teal; respectively. A small number of bells, in un-official colors, were made each year to be sold at the convention banquet as whimsies.

The souvenirs for 1990, 1992 and 1996 were not made of glass but of paper. In these years, HOACGA issued three educational books. The books were essentially a collection of articles written by various authors that had appeared in the HOACGA newsletters over time.

The photo at the left is the 1991 souvenir. While the official souvenir was made in red, additional whimsey pieces were made in other colors including pink. These 6 inch plates are in the Peacock and Dahlia pattern and are made by Fenton. "HOACGA 1991" is moulded in the base of this plate.

In 1993, Fenton also made a 6 inch plate as HOACGA's souvenir. This time in the Good Luck pattern. "1973 HOACGA 1993" is moulded in the base of this plate denoting HOACGA's 20th anniversary.

Next is the 1995 hatpin by Fenton in plum. This hatpin has no markings other than saying "Good Luck" on the front.

In 1998, HOACGA made a white loving cup which reads "Good Luck 1998 HOACGA" on the front. Moulded into the base is "25th Anniversary".

In 1994, 1997 and 1999; no HOACGA souvenirs were produced.

The photo at the left is the 2000 souvenir. These 10 inch plates are in the Pansy pattern and are made by Fenton in blue. "HOACGA 2000" is moulded on the base of the plate. In 2001 and 2002, Fenton made hatpin holders as HOACGA's souvenirs. 2001 is vaseline opalescent and 2002 is emerald green.

In 2004 Fenton made a cobalt blue guest set. Etched on the bottom is "HOACGA 2004". Priced at $150, these did not sell well. So the remainder of the sets were sent back to Fenton to be hand painted. Floral designs with "HOACGA 1972-2005" and "100 Years Fenton 1905-2005" were added by Fenton artists. The "HOACGA 2004" remains on the 2005 versions.

No HOACGA souvenirs were produced in 2003 and 2006. In 2007, Mosser Glass made vases called "Diamond Classic" in aqua opal and red as HOACGA souvenirs. These vases are 10 1/4 inches tall. A sticker on the base reads: "HOACGA 100 Years of Carnival Glass 2007".

For the 2008, 2009 and 2010 conventions, Fenton made the Dancing Ladies vases in indigo blue, peach opal and lime green opal; respectively. Some have round tops while others are ruffled and some are even hand painted by Fenton artists. These vases are not marked with a year or with the HOACGA name. Some are marked with the Fenton trademarks.

In 2011 the HOACGA souvenir was a 6 inch Good Luck plate in a light blue opalescent. These plates are not marked with a year or with the HOACGA name.

2011 marked the last year in which a HOACGA souvenir was produced as well as the closing of the Fenton factory. Due to the increased costs of molds and manufacturing, club souvenirs are not produced as often as in the past.

For more information on HOACGA convention souvenirs,

see Diane Rosington's book entitled "Carnival Glass Club Commemoratives 1964-1999".

Above are seven 1981 HOACGA candle lamps. The red piece, second from the left is the official souvenir of that year. The others are whimsies made to be sold at the HOACGA banquet as a fundraiser for the club. From left to right, they are; blue, red, peach opal, pink, aqua opal, red finger lamp with a flared shade and white. Notice how the offocial souvenir has the top button removed while all the whimisies do not. The top button on the red ones were later used in 1987