Bicentennial Items - Fenton
In 1976, to celebrate the American Bicentennial, Fenton made this covered compote, paperweight, planter, bell and stein. The only iridized color was Independence Blue. However, they were also made in non-iridized Patriot Red, Valley Forge White and chocolate glass. The photo below shows the tankards in each of the four colors. Surprisingly, the planter has also been found in amethyst. The molds were destroyed after these were made.

On the planter there are images on the 4 sides of George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin.

The bell shows four revolutionary heroes; George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. Inside the bell it says "1776 - 1976" and has the "Fenton" in an oval mark.

The 7-inch tall steins show depictions of a Revolutionary War soldier, the Liberty Bell, and Paul Revere.

Fenton also made two plates to commemorate the bicentennial. The photo on the left has the American eagle in the center. It says "1776 - 1976" on the rim at the bottom. The back of the plate reads: "It is my living sentiment and by the blessing of god it shall be my dying sentiment .... Independence now and Independence forever. ... DANIEL WEBSTER eulogy on Adams and Jefferson".

The second plate, pictured on the right, shows George Washington and The Marquis de Lafayette at Valley Forge. On the back is reads: "In recognition of the friendship of The Marquis de Lafayette on the bicentennial anniversary of the nation that he helped bring into being: The United States of America. At Valley Forge in 1777, the young volunteer, Lafayette, and his new commander, George Washington, began a friendship that was to last the rest of their lives".

Both plates have the Fenton sticker on the front and are marked on the back with Fenton in an oval.

The photos below show the folded tags attached to the eagle plate and the bicentennial stein when you bought them. The tags for the eagle plate are shown on the left and the stein is on the right. The three photos in each column show the cover, the inside and the back of each tag.

For more information on Fenton's Bicentennial items see:

Encore Book 2 pages 7 & 9.