Indiana Glass Company - Dunkirk, Indiana
Tracing its roots back to 1896, the Indiana Glass Company of Dunkirk, Indiana made a large amount of iridized glass in the 1970's. In 1971, they introduced their Iridescent Blue. This was followed by Iridescent Gold, Iridescent Sunset (amberina), Iridescent Green and Iridescent Amethyst.

In addition to the Harvest and Hierloom patterns, Indiana made several other patterns as shown below:

Oval center bowl
Without doubt, the most frequently seen piece on ebay. Twelve inches long and found in Indiana's blue (most often seen), green, and amber.

Hostess plate
These ruffled plates are seen mostly in blue (and occasionally in green and amber) in the 10-inch size, although they are also known in a 6 1/2-inch size. Often incorrectly identified as English Hob and Button.

Wedding bowl
Known more commonly as a King's Crown compote. They're about 5 inches tall and they are seen in blue and amber.

Garland compote
Often called "Teardrops" because of the design. Mostly seen in blue but amber can be found.

Princess candy box
These 6-inch diameter bowls are seldom identified correctly, if at all. Invariably found in blue.

Oblong candy box
This lidded compote with the interesting finial is about 7 1/2 inches tall. Only seen in this soft blue.

Windsor, found only in blue, was made in a variety of shapes including the covered candy, bowl, and creamer and sugar shown here. Also seen are a stick-type butter dish and tumblers (though no pitcher as yet).

Shown are the boxes in which these pieces come to make the point that many Indiana pieces can be found with their original boxes. These slick and colorful boxes were from the latter production of Indiana. Earlier boxes were plain with a line drawing of the piece.

Egg tray
Eleven inches in diameter with a fine hobnail back, these egg trays are found mostly in amber, this green, and an occasional uniridized blue.

Hors d'oeuvres tray
These 12 3/4" trays are only seen in this rather dark blue. The reverse has a leaf pattern.

Covered Hen
Indiana's version of this popular shape is about 7 1/2 inches long. Seen in blue, green, amber, and several other colors. They can be distinguished from other maker's examples by the beaded edge to the bowl and the hen design in rather low relief. The base is almost plain.

Bicentennial plates
Indiana Glass made four plates to commemorate the American Bicentennial: Eagle, Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and Spirit of '76.

Each plate was available in either blue or amber and came in a commemorative box.

Tiara Exclusives was a sales and marketing plan similar to Avon Products, where individuals sold the following glass items at home parties. Mostly non-iridized glass was sold by Tiara. The only iridized glass were these lime green items.
Tall Footed Compote (or Jelly)
These are sometimes called a Tulip compote. They are about 7 1/2 inches tall. They are quite common.

Tiara pitcher and goblet
These were made for Tiara who sold them at home parties. Rather difficult to find. The pattern is called Eclipse. These molds date back to 1932 as seen in that year's Indiana catalog. These contemporary versions were made in late 1972 and only for a few months.

Tiara swan
This open swan bowl is a limited edition from 1971. Actually quite rare.

For more information on Indiana Glass,

see Lloyd Reichel's book entitled "Modern Carnival Glass Collectors Book II".