Harvest - Indiana
Indiana Glass Company of Dunkirk, Indiana, made a huge amount of glass for the mass market beginning in the 1970s. Indiana Glass did not mark any of their glass. Harvest or Harvest Grape was their most popular pattern and consists of a grape theme with leaves. Indiana made the Harvest pattern in many different shapes as seen below.
Water sets These sets, with a pedestaled pitcher, can be found with either tumblers or the goblets shown. Found in amber, blue and lime green. Princess punch sets
The typical set comes with the 12-inch bowl, 12 handled cups, 12 plastic hooks, and a plastic ladle in matching color. Found in amber, blue and the lime green shown.
Covered sugar and compote
The sugar container has an open edge for holding spoons. The covered 10 1/2 inch compote is seen mostly in blue but amber is known. An item called a Wedding Bowl is similar to the compote but without the lid.
These short candleholders are in blue.
These are found in three sizes; the smallest about 6 inches to the top; the medium size a little over 7 inches, and the large about 8 1/4 inch (rare).
Creamer and sugar
The complete set has the undertray, although they're sometimes found without one. In either blue or green.
Four 14 oz tumblers were sold as a Cooler Set.
Butter dish
Blue butter dishes
Large Compote
Compotes in blue, amber and lime green are 8 1/2" high x 8 1/4" across.