Heirloom - Indiana
Seen almost as often as the Harvest pattern, Indiana's Heirloom is their version of a cut-style pattern. Mostly seen in red but occasionally in amethyst. None of the pieces are marked. Molds for the Heirloom pieces were acquired from Mckee Glass which closed in 1954. Mckee called the pattern "Concord".
Bowls or center bowls
Sugar and creamer, butter dish
The creamer and sugar bowl were sold as a set; the butter dish was sold separately.
Water pitchers
Heirloom pitchers are often referred to a Octagon Variant, though they are not Imperial's pattern. There are matching tumblers or goblets.
These are usually swung out to 10 or 11 inches. Mostly in red.
Plate (back shown)
Originally offered in combination with the bowl as a Dessert Set, the 12-inch plate is usually found individually.
Punch Set Baskets
Found in two styles, one looking more like a bowl with a handle and this one.
Water Sets
Heirloom pitchers have matching tumblers or goblets.
Other shapes
Console sets were made up of 2 small candle holders and a bowl. Quite rare.