Contemporary Carnival Glass Toothpick Holders
Very few toothpick holders were made during the classic Carnival Glass era. But a lot were made from the 1960s onward. The examples shown below are all contemporary. Many sell in the $10 the $15 range--though a few are very desirable and bring quite a bit more, particularly those by Hansen. Some colors are listed below, but each toothpick holder is probably found in other colors as well.

Aztec, Fenton, purple, pink, blue. Marked with a capital "F" in an oval.

Aztec, Wetzel

Banded Cigars teal souvenir. Bottom reads "Wheeling W. VA. The Stogie City." Some are signed by Robert Hansen.

Beaded Ovals, purple and celeste

Betsy Ross, amethyst and blue. Summit Art Glass made thses and called them Sunbonnet.

(round), St. Clair, Bob, Maude, and Bob and Maude, various colors

Bicentennial (square), Joe St. Clair, red, blue, green, white, ice blue

Bird and Leaf by Summit Art Glass.

Bird and Beads Signed by Robert Hansen.

Bird With Cherry Signed by Robert Hansen.

Boot, blue, ice blue (IG), vaseline (ALIG) by Summit

Boston Baked Beans, blue

Buttons and Arches, Fenton, with handle in blue without handle in many colors.

Cactus, red, not marked. Aqua Opal, Fenton for Levay. Some by Summit.

Carol's Sure Win, probably Smith from Westmoreland mold, amberina, celeste, and probably other colors

Chicks, Westmoreland, purple with a faint mark on the bottom.

Chrysanthe- mum Sprig, Summit, purple, red, vaseline

Colorado, Made from an old US Glass mold, this is unmarked. Also known as Lacy Medallion.

Cornucopia, Imperial, ice green, also in pink and ice blue

Covered Wagon, green and blue

Czarina, A light lavender. Marked Fenton on bottom with a capital F in an oval. Also marigold signed Ron H.

Daisy and Button, Smith (not all marked), amethyst blue, red, marigold

Daisy and Button, Degenhart, amethyst. Marked with a "D" in a circle.

Daisy and Button, Hansen, red

Daisy and Button Mosser, blue and green

Daisy and Button Top Hat red, green

Daisy and Buttons, (OVG) Fenton, purple. Also Boyd with mark in blue.

Degenhart Museum, white and red.

Diamond, Imperial, Aurora Jewels (cobalt) only

Diamond Band Imperial, blue and White. 1971 ACGA souvenir.

Diamond Quilt, blue, red. Used as a favor for Keystone and Gateway carnival clubs.

Diamond Hat, marigold

Doghouse, amethyst and blue, Westmoreland mark but made by Summit

Dog's Head, purple, blue, green and probably other colors

Dog With Top Hat, Imported. One of several carnival glass pieces imported from South Korea. Cobalt blue with no markings.

Double Elephant head, Summit. Probably a matchholder rather than toothpick. Blue, purple, lavender and probably other colors

Eagle, Light blue by Terry Crider

Elephant, Aqua glass elephant toothpick marked "R. Wetzel 1976"

Elephant, Amethyst glass elephant toothpick signed Robert Hansen.

Eye Winker, red using an LG Wright mold signed Robert Hansen. In 2006, Mosser Glass made these in blue for HOACGA.

Fashion, found in red with the Imperial IG or in blue, pink, purple, marigold and white with the LE Smith S.

Forget-me-not (Vermont), Boyd, amethyst, celeste blue, white, and pink.

Four Seventy Four, blue, St. Clair

Forty Niner, red, Hansen. Also called a small juice glass.

Frog and Snail

Glass Festival, 1972, Elwood, Indiana, St Clair.

Grape and Cable, Mosser. Actually part of a miniature sugar and creamer set, purple

Gypsy Pot, Boyd in celeste or Ron Hansen in red

Handled Basket, Amethyst by Hansen. Signed "RGH"

Handled Barrel, Marigold by Hansen. Signed "Ron H"

Heart, amethyst, Robert Hansen. Also found in celeste by Boyd.

Hobnail, Fenton, amethyst, made in 1980 only

Hobnail, amber with unknown mark

Hobstar, actually part of a miniature creamer and sugar set.

Holly Band, St Clair or Summit, amberina, celeste blue, green, purple, marigold, red

Hop Along Cassidy Boyd in various colors

Indian Chief, celeste blue by Boyd or Cream carnival by Pisello.

Indian Head, in a variety of colors, some by St. Clair, some by others including Summit.

Indian Head

Inverted Fan and Feather, found in blue, marigold, purple, green, pink, white or clear

Inverted Strawberry, blue

Inverted Strawberry, blue by Guernsey Glass

Inverted Strawberry, red, Near Cut signed Bennett blank, Robert Hansen

Inverted Thumbprint, teal, Robert Hansen

Kingfisher, St. Clair, cobalt

Kittens, these are unmarked. In green slag, it has two sets of kittens.

Linked Circles, Red by Terry Crider

Long Thumbprint cobalt, signed Degenhart blank, Robert Hansen

Majestic, Signed Robert Hansen in marigold.

Maple Leaf, similar to Dugan's pattern but not old, amethyst

Mayflower Marigold signed by Ron Hansen.

Moon and Star L. E. Smith, amethyst

Nautilus, Summit, green, marigold, blue, purple and white.

Octagon, Imperial, green, ice green, purple, smoke, marigold, ice blue, pink; (also found in non-iridized slag colors)

Old Sleepy Eye, Guernsey, pink, One of a series which included the "Saratoga" below. Also found in a small plate.

Oneida, red, Ronald. Also, green signed "RGH"

Owl, blue, St. Clair for NCCCG and in amethyst by R. Wetzel

Owl, green or red, marked "Bob St. Clair" on the bottom.

Owl, green, Robert Hansen

Owl and Stump, amethyst by Summit

Plain, This toothpick, in amethyst, is marked on the bottom "Fenton".

Paneled, green with marigold overlay or amethyst, Hansen

Paneled Daisy, Fenton, amethyst

Paneled Grape Green with a Westmoreland mark. Signed "Levay 1977"

Rabbit with Basket, amethyst, Ron Hansen

S-Repeat, based on old Dugan design but not old, some St. Clair or Summit, mostly amethyst, also marigold

Saddle, amethyst by Summit Art Glass

Santa, red or iridized chocolate issued by Collectors Weekly.

Saratoga, Bennett mold, red and blue

Sheaf of Wheat, Bob and Maude St. Clair, pink, red, chocolate slag, blue, white

Squirrel, these are unmarked. In red, a squirrel clinging to a toothpick covered with bark, oak leaves and acorns.

St. Clair Grand Opening 1971, marigold

Strawberry, Fenton, amethyst, blue, red, moonstone, slag

Strawberries, unmarked but made by Summit Art Glass

Sunflowers, purple with a Summit sticker on the inside. Marked "Made in USA" on the bottom.

Swag with Brackets, Amethyst and signed Robert Hansen

Swan Pulling Shell, See this ad for a "Swan Cart" from the December 1992 CCGA Newsletter.

Syria, a light amethyst glass and unmarked. Reads "Pittsburgh 1905" but it is a contemporary piece.

Thistle, Fenton, amethyst and marked with a capital F in an oval.

Three-in-One, Imperial, green common, reported in amber, amethyst, ice blue

Three Swans, green, St. Clair, Also found in other colors by Summit Art Glass.

Top Hat, Imperial, Aurora Jewels (cobalt) only.

Toltec, Cobalt. Marked "Joe St Clair" on inside bottom.

Torch and Tree 1976 THCS RW/JK on bottom, blue

Tramp Shoe, cobalt

Tree Stump, red, Robert Hansen

Tree Stump, Green, Robert Hansen. A different Tree Stump pattern.

Turkey, red, maybe Ron Hansen. Curently being made by Mosser in blue, amethyst, amberina and teal or celeste

Two Rabbits This marigold toothpick of two rabbits holding a basket is marked "RW" for Robert Wetzel.

Uncle Sam Hat Westmoreland mark. Some sold at the Baseball Hall of Fame as souvenirs. Enameled on the top are names such as Yogi Bera, Joe Dimaggio and Babe Ruth.

Urn, Cobalt blue and marked Boyd

Urn - Handled, Made in Horizon Blue by Imperial and in cobalt blue by Pioneer Glass.

Wheel Barrow, A basket forms a wheel barrow on this toothpick. In green glass. Thought to be St. Clair but it is unmarked.

Witches Head, celeste or cobalt blue, St. Clair

Wreathed Cherry St. Clair, marigold, green, blue. Hansen signed, red. Some are by Summit.

Unknown Signed Ron H.