Imported Contemporary Carnival Glass - AA Imports
Some contemporary carnival glass was imported from South Korea or Taiwan in the 1970s. AA Imports was a wholesaler of glass and acquired its inventory from both the United States and overseas. Read an account of a trip to AA Imports warehouse and a description of the pieces of carnival they had for sale. Also, click here to see an ad from AA Imports showing their imported products.
Stag and Holly Fakes
Stag and Holly bowls are advertised from AA Imports. They are known in a very dark amethyst and a french opal. This bowl with its sticker were in a Burns auction. An easy way to distinquish between old and faked is to look at the tonque of the stag.
Peacocks Fakes
Peacocks bowls have been copied from Northwood's original design. Probably made in the far east. The most obvious differences are the extremely mirror-like iridescence and the base which is a solid disk of glass--not the typical collar base. The "N" mark is also much larger than the original and lacks the circle around the "N" that the originals have. Known in marigold, blue, and green.
Good Luck Fake Bowl
The faked Good Luck bowl is most easily distinguished by the lack of a sawtooth edge that are found on genuine pieces produced by Northwood. In this green example the iridization on the front is very dull in the center although the iridization no doubt varies between examples. The ribs on the back (right) are wider. These were probably made in the far east.