Christmas Plates and Bottles - WheatonCraft
Wheaton issued collectors bottles under various themes. They issued a series of annual Christmas plates and bottles from 1971 to 1991. However, only in four of these years did Wheaton issue iridized versions.

Christmas 1972 - The Christmas Candle in amber

Christmas 1974 - The Pionsettia Legend in green

Christmas 1975 - The Star of Bethlehem in blue

Christmas 1976 - The Christmas Stocking in amber

Above is the 1976 Christmas bottle with a stocking hanging over the fireplace. These eight inch tall bottles were issued along with a corresponding plate. Below are the 1972 Christmas Candle, the 1974 Poinsettia and the 1975 Star of Bethlehem.
This plate, in yellow carnival, has a stocking hanging over a fireplace in the center with a border of Christmas ornaments and holly leaves. It is the corresponding plate to the 1976 bottle above .