MIMI Contemporary Carnival Glass
In December of 1973, Mr. Charles Stone decided to start a glass distribution company. The company was called MIMI which was his wife's nickname. The company was based in Columbus, Ohio. Mr. Stone had a mold made that resembled the classic era Farmyard bowl by Dugan. The exterior parrten on this new piece was Jeweled Heart, the same as the original Farmyard. However, this bowl was clearly marked "MIMI" on the base. Production of the MIMI Farmyard Bowl included 500 with amberina base glass with a marigold iridescence, made in 1973 and 500 in amethyst carnival, made in 1974. Only 500 plates were made from the same mold which included 250 in the orange carnival with the marigold iridescence made in 1974 and 250 in the amethyst carnival also made in the same year.

MIMI also made an Elks paperweight in amethyst and red carnival glass. Only the amethyst version is marked "MIMI" to distinquish it from the calssic era Millersburg Elks paperweight.

Fenton Glass pressed all the glass for MIMI.

Mr. Charles Stone's venture into glass distribution was not long lived and MIMI closed in December 1975.

For more information on MIMI Glass see,

Lloyd Reichel's book entitled "Modern Carnival Glass Collectors Book II".

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