Astronauts - WheatonCraft
To celebrate America's race to the moon, Wheaton issued collector plates and bottles for Apollo 11,12,13,14,15,16 and 17 missions and also for Skylab 1 and 2 missions. These eight inch plates can be found in amber, blue, green, white and yellow.

Apollo 11 (1969) says "First on the Moon"
Apollo 12 (1969) says "Yankee Clipper"
Apollo 13 (1970) says "Farewell Aquarius" and pictures the astronauts Lovell, Swigert and Haise
Apollo 14 (1971) says "Fore on the Moon"
Apollo 15 (1971) shows two astronauts riding the "The Merry Moonmobile"
Apollo 16 (1972) says "Fly Straight & Land Soft" and pictures the astronauts Mattingly, Young and Duke
Apollo 17 (1972) says "Final Apollo Flight to the Moon" and pictures the astronauts Schmitt, Cernan and Evans
SkyLab I (1973) says "May 15 - June 22, 1973".
SkyLab II (1974) says "July 28 - September 25, 1973".

Below are the bottles for Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 which match the corresponding plate above. Bottles have an additional design on their backs which the plates do not have.