Homestead Chop Plate Reissue - Imperial and Summit
Smoke (Peacock) (IG) Marigold (Rubigold) (IG) White (IG)
Pink (LIG) Blue (ALIG-Summit) Green (ALIG-Summit)
Vaseline (ALIG-Summit) Back of Classic Era plate Back of Contemporary Era plate
Imperial Glass made a Homestead chop plate using the same mold for the front as the classic era original. Thus the fronts of both the classic era and the contemporary Homestead plates are the same. Any plates signed "NUART" would be classic era as the signature was not used in the contemporary time frame. The back of the reissue is how you can easily tell the difference between classic and contemporary. The contemporary plate's back has all-over stippling and the IG, LIG or ALIG mark in the center of the collar base. The classic era Homestead plate had a faintly ribbed back and no mark or stippling in the base.

After Imperial closed in 1984, Summit purchased the Homestead mold. At the time that Summit purchased the Homestead mold, the mold had the "ALIG" mark on it. Summit made pieces in additional colors but left the Imperial "ALIG" the mark in place. So, Homestead plates with an "ALIG" mark may have been made by either Imperial or Summit based upon the color of the piece.

Additional colors found include; Horizon Blue (IG), Purple, Red (ALIG - Summit), Sapphire Blue (ALIG - Summit), and Geraldine's Delight (ALIG - Summit)

For more information on these plates see: Encore Book 2.