Singleton Bailey Contemporary Carnival Glass
David Singleton Bailey (DBS) is a Fenton Showcase dealer who had Fenton produce limited runs of pieces for his exclusive sales. He acquired the contemporary Farmyard mold used by MIMI and had Fenton make pieces from it in several colors. He did have the MIMI mark replaced on the Farmyard pieces with his own mark "DBS". The Farmyard pieces are the only pieces where the mark is in the mold. The Farmyard pieces for David were made in several shapes including plates, bowls and spittoons. Edges were ruffled and crimped.

He is widely known for his production of the Poppy Show vases in many colors. But he also produced many other pieces as shown below. He had Fenton make Peacock vases, a Swan Mug and a Three Swan Vase. Some of these pieces were marked on the bottom, in enamel, with the initials "DBS", the date and the number of pieces made.

Below are three photos of small Fenton bowls or baskets commissioned by Singleton Bailey. They include a lime green opal ruffled bowl with a dragon marked "Fenton" in an oval with a #8, an ice blue opal basket with a Frolicking Bear also marked "Fenton" in an oval with a #8 and an ice blue basket with chickens marked with a Capital "F" (as this was orignally an Encore mold).