Great Americans Plates and Bottles - WheatonCraft
To celebrate Great Americans, Wheaton issued collector plates and bottles for 17 individuals. These eight inch plates can be found in blue carnival, green carnival, yellow carnival and amber carnival.

Pictured above on the plates are Betsy Ross, Billy Graham, Paul Revere and Robert F. Kennedy.

Pictured below on the bottles are Douglas MacArthur, Benjamin Franklin, Charles Evans Hughes, Thomas Edison and George Patton.

Seventeen plates/bottles were made in total as follow:

Betsy Ross (1969)
Rev. Billy Graham (1970)
Paul Revere (1971)
Benjamin Franklin
Thomas Edison
Alexander Graham Bell
Martin Luther King
Robert Kennedy
Helen Keller
John Paul Jones
Charles Evans Hughes
Charles A. Lindberg
Robert E. Lee
George Patton
Douglas MacArthur
Mark Twain
William Penn Adair Rogers