Contemporary Carnival Water Sets and Pitchers
Several of the larger producers of contemporary carnival glass; such as Fenton, Imperial and Westmoreland; made full size water sets. A water set would include a water pitcher and four or six tumblers.

In December 1975, John Muehlbauer wrote an article in the Encore newsletter about contemporary water sets and pitchers.

Apple tree, Fenton - Apparently made from the original mold but marked Fenton on the base of both the pitcher and the tumblers. Water sets can be found in red, green, blue, purple and marigold. In 1992, green water sets were made for the National Fenton Glass Society. The base of the green pitcher would be marked "NFGS" which appears in the shape of a bird, which is this club's symbol. In some cases the tumblers have handles. Some pitchers may be signed by a member of the Fenton family.

Arch, Westmoreland -This clear iridized water set is made by Westmoreland for Levay. The set was made decorated and undecorated. Each set was limited to 300. The cardinals are attached decals. This set is also known in a deep purple without decals but with a wonderful amethyst iridescence. Terry Crider iridized these sets (with goblets) in a color called smoke green.

Aztec, Fenton - One of the old "tec" molds acquired by L.E. Smith and then by Fenton. These two pieces are marked with Fenton's Capital "F" in an oval.

Ball and Swirl, Westmoreland - These amethyst sets were made by Westmoreland for Levay in 1977-1978 and limited to 200 sets. Red sets were made for Levay in 1979 and limited to 400. Some of these items will have the Westmoreland Glass mark. A taller lemonade tumbler is known in teal.

Banded Grape, L. G. Wright - Westmoreland pressed these water sets for L. G. Wright from an original Dugan mold. LG Wright pitchers are found in amethsyt while classic era pitchers are found in marigold.

Beaded Shell, Mosser - Mosser made water sets and butter dishes using the original Dugan molds. The pieces come in a range of colors. The amethyst set above is marked with a captial "M" underlined for Mosser.

Cactus, Fenton - The Cactus 7-piece water set by Fenton in aqua opal. Water sets are also found in red. Pitchers can either have matching goblets or tumblers. 400 aqua opal sets were made for Levay in 1980, limited edition red sets in 1982. Cactus tumblers were made by St. Clair and Summit in other colors including blue and vaseline.

Checkerboard, Westmoreland - Checkerboard water set reproductions are much like the originals. The water pitcher could easily be confused with the old one. The pitchers come in two sizes. The tumblers come in three sizes.

Cherry and Cable, Mosser - Some contemporary Cherry and Cable (mostly made by Mosser) pieces are found in both full-sized and miniature versions. The water set shown here is the full size version. Pitchers can either have matching goblets or tumblers.

Cherry Blossom, AA Imports - Writing in 1986, Dorothy Taylor identified this pattern with AA Imports. Made in water sets in purple. The tumblers have an interesting leaf design on the base.

Crackle, Gibson - Made in this green and an ice blue. Not technically carnival glass as these are hand formed and not molded.

Dahlia, Wright and Mosser - These were made from the same mold as classic era sets. About the only discernable difference is the type of iridescence. If the bottom of the pitcher is iridized, chances are it's new. Made in red, a color that wasn't made during the classic era. New tumblers have three dahlias, rather than the four of the classic examples. New water sets are also known in ice blue, purple, white and green opal. Pieces are still being made by Mosser Glass of Ohio.

Diamond and Lattice, Fenton - Fenton #1707 Diamond and Lattice made in blue carnival for Levay. Limited to 300 sets. These are marked with "Fenton 8" in an oval.

Diamond and Optic, Fenton - This purple water set is listed as one of 75 sets made for Levay. While the pattern is similar to Fenton's older Diamond Optic, the shapes of the pitcher and tumblers are quite different. Some sets (50 for Levay) are found with enameled decoration of bouquets of tiny violets.

Drapery, Fenton - Only the pitcher is available in Fenton's Drapery, no tumblers.

English Hobnail, Westmoreland -These Crimson Mother of Pearl water sets were made by Westmoreland for Levay. Limited to 200 sets.

Eyewinker, LG Wright & Mosser - An LG Wright mold sold to Mosser Glass of Cambridge Ohio. Water sets made in various colors by Mosser. Terry Crider iridized these sets in marigold, ice blue, green, red and white.

Fenton Founders, Fenton - This water set is made by Fenton and is available mostly in red. The amethyst water set can be found on occasion. The water pitcher stands on three feet. This set originally was sold with only four tumblers. The set gets its name from the fact that the bottom of the pitcher is marked "F.L. Fenton Founder 1905". The bottom may also be etched with a number as the red set is a limited edition.

Fieldflower, Imperial - Fieldflower water sets were reissued from the same molds as the originals, so there is no way to tell the old from the new except for the IG or LIG mark and by understanding the colors made in the classic era versus the contemporary era. The new sets are known in amethyst/purple, blue, sapphire blue (shown), ice blue, red, amberina and perhaps other colors. Lime green opal and marigold may be marked with an R in a keystone for Rosso Glass.

Floral and Grape, LG Wright and Mosser - L.G. Wright had Westmoreland press an amethyst Floral and Grape set with a mark virtually identical to Northwood's famous "N" mark. After a lawsuit by the American Carnival Glass Association, they modified it by putting in a line, making it sort of a "W". Mosser has since made pitchers in purple with a clear handle and this marigold pictured above. Note that the Mosser tumblers are larger than the classic era and LG Wright tumblers.

Flute, Westmoreland - This water set was made for Levay and is only available in this medium blue. Westmoreland made this set for Levay. Each pitcher has 8 flutes around the piece. 100 sets were made with tumblers that had 9 flutes and 50 sets were made with tumblers that had 6 flutes.

Four Seventy Four, Imperial - Imperial made water sets in "Ultra Blue" for Joan Westerfield. The bases are marked "A New Spirit" in honor of the Jimmy Carter administration and have a peanut and the date '77 as well as the IG mark. The sets may also have been made in other colors without the special marks.

Fruit, Fenton - Water sets in this pattern are very rare but a tumbler may show up once in a while. Photo taken from a Fenton catalog.

God and Home, LG Wright - Water sets in this pattern were made from the original molds by Westmoreland for L.G. Wright in blue, purple, ice blue (125 sets), ice green, and red. They should be marked on the bottom with L.G. Wright's "W" logo. The originals were produced only in blue by Dugan.

Grape and Cable, Mosser - Apparently Mosser has come into possession of the original Northwood Grape and Cable cracker jar and water set molds. These are identical to the originals. Iridized pieces (that Mosser calls marigold) are shown here.

Grape Arbor, Gibson - vaseline opal.

Grapevine Lattice, L.G. Wright - Westmoreland pressed these sets in amethyst for L.G. Wright. No other colors are known in contemporary glass. Older amethyst pitchers would have an uniridzed handle as the piece was iridized before the handle was applied. Newer versions have an iridzed handle.

Harvest, Indiana - These sets, with a pedestaled pitcher, can be found with either goblets or the tumblers shown. Found in amber, blue and lime green.

Harvest Flower, Gibson - This red Harvest Flower water set, with 11 1/2 inch tankard pitcher, was made by Gibson in 1988 and is marked on the inside bottom of the pitcher - "Gibson 1988". They are also found in blue opal, cobalt, custard, lemon custard, milkglass, white and probably other colors.

Heirloom, Indiana - Heirloom pitchers have matching tumblers or goblets.

Heavy Iris, L.G. Wright, Gibson and Fenton - Three manufacturers made the Heavy Iris water sets, each with small variations in the pieces. L.G. Wright had Westmoreland press these in amethyst. Gibson made this set in many iridized colors including cobalt, custard, burmese, vaseline, crystal, burnt orange, green, milk glass, dusty rose, and red

Heavy Pineapple, Fenton - In 2007, Fenton listed this three-piece water set in their catalog. It is on black glass with satin marigold iridescence. The water pitcher is eight inches tall and a tumbler is 4 3/8 inches tall.

High Hob, Westmoreland - According to Dorothy Taylor, the water sets were made for Levay in 1975 in purple. In 1976 the water set was made in blue opal and in 1977 pink and iridized purple slag. This blue set is unmarked. The pieces are not seen too often. Tumblers in green, purple slag and pink are also known. For more High Hob pieces, see the High Hob page.

HOACGA 1974 and 1975 Souvenir, Indiana - Above are the 1974 and 1975 souvenirs. In 1974, Indiana Glass made the water pitchers and in 1975 they made a set of six matching tumblers. The exterior of both the water pitcher and the tumblers say "Good Luck 1974 HOACGA", but on the bottom inside of each tumbler it says "Souvenir of 1975". These pieces have thick heavy glass. They were made in red.

Hobnail, Fenton - Fenton made various versions of this Hobnail water pitcher and tumbler. The most noticeable difference is how far the hobs go up the neck of the pitcher. This pitcher has the nobs going all the way up the neck. Sets may have come with the 5 1/2 inch tall #3845 goblets or the 9 ounce #3908 tumblers pictured here.

Hobnail, Fenton - Fenton made various versions of this Hobnail water pitcher and tumbler. The most noticeable difference is how far the hobs go up the neck of the pitcher. This set has the hobs only going up part of the way up the neck.

#3965 Hobnail Juice - Fenton is a low bulbous 5 1/2 inch pitcher with 8 3 1/2 inch juice glasses. Made for Levay in vaseline and limited to 110 sets.

Hobnail, Imperial - Imperial made this Hobnail water set only in marigold. It has the "IG" mark. It was made for Levay and limited to 75 sets. Summit acquired the mold and made it in other colors.

Hobnail, Summit - This blue water set is made by Summit using a mold previously owned by Imperial. Summit then acquired the mold and slightly adjusted the mark on the bottom also making it in vaseline and other colors.

Hobstar, Fenton - Quite a scarce pattern in contemporary Carnival. These pitchers were advertised in Fenton's catalogs in this Spruce Green in 1999 and in Plum Carnival in 1997. There are no matching tumblers.

Hobstar and Arches, Fenton - This purple water set is made by Fenton and appears in their 2002 catalog.

Imperial Grape - Imperial reissued several pieces in its Grape pattern. This water set includes a reproduction of the classic era pitcher but new lemonade sized tumblers. Pitchers and tumblers may have been sold seperately. Made in marigold, peacock (smoke), amber and helios.

Imperial Rose - Water sets were reissued by Imperial in marigold (Rubigold), smoke (Peacock), both marked IG and a rare Sunburst Yellow (marked ALIG from 1982). Summit Art Glass acquired the molds and made the sets in this cobalt blue and vaseline (less than 25 sets), both marked ALIG.

Inverted Strawberry, Guernesy - An Inverted Strawberry water pitcher and tumbler in a tealy blue were by Guernsey Glass and typically marked "Near Cut". These were pressed by Guernesy. Westmoreland later made this amethyst version for Mr. Bennett with the tumblers marked with a "B".

Inverted Thistle, Guernsey and Mosser - Inverted Thistle was reproduced in several shapes including water sets, Examples in green opal, by Mosser, and in red, by Guernsey Glass are known. A pink set, marked with a bee in the bottom, was pressed for L.G. Wright by Westmoreland.

Inverted Thistle, Crider - Although it shares its name with Inverted Thistle by Guernsey and Mosser, this set is different. It has vertical ribs seperating the thistles. In white, it was iridized by Terry Crider.

Lincoln Inn, Fenton - These water sets were made by Fenton. They made 500 purple sets for Levay. The celeste blue set above has a Fenton sticker noting the 90th anniversary of Fenton glass. A vaseline pitcher is known.

Maple Leaf, LG Wright and Mosser - The Maple Leaf water set was reproduced using the original moulds. Sets found in amethyst, blue, green and red were made for Wright and are marked with a "W". The moulds are currently owned by Mosser Glass of Ohio which is still producing carnival today. The green set is one of several colors made by Mosser. Terry Crider iridized these sets in cobalt blue and white.

Mayflower, Imperial - A large daisy-like flower dominates on both this pattern and the 474 water set. However, there are details that are quite different. For example, on the Mayflower tumbler there are panels of hexagons between the daisies while on the 474 there are arcs that curve over the daisy. On the Mayflower pitcher there is an arch of latticed lines over the daisy; on the 474 the same arcs as the tumbler. This was Imperial's pattern #678 made only in marigold and smoke.

Milady, Fenton - Apparently made from Fenton's original mold, these pitchers are found in the green and red shown, as well as other colors, and usually are signed by a member of the Fenton family. The tops of these pitchers can be shaped differently.

Moon and Star, Smith, Weishar - These are the L. E. Smith versions of Moon and Star. The full-size water sets in Crystal Lustre (500 sets), persimmon (500 sets), and sapphire blue (500 sets) have tumblers while the amethyst set (made for Levay) has goblets. Above is an amethyst set. Weishar generally made miniature versions of the Moon and Star pattern. Terry Crider iridized these sets in marigold, ice blue, red, green, and white.

Multi Fruit Della Robia, Westmoreland - This teally green (turquoise) water set(400 sets) along with a blue set (150 sets) are made for Levay. The set can also be found in a deep purple for L.G. Wright.

Octagon, Imperial - The last water set pressed by Imperial was this pink Octagon set. Pitchers are 8 inches tall and the tumblers are 6 inches tall. This was limited to about 80 sets. These were sold in Imperial's Hay Shed gift shop. Neither piece is signed.

Paneled Grape, Westmoreland - Paneled Grape was a long-time Westmoreland pattern but they made some for other distrubutors including L.G. Wright and Summit. After Westmoreland closed in 1984, the molds were sold, probably to Fenton. Made in many colors. For more info see the Paneled Grape page.

Princess Feather, Westmoreland - Princess Feather was made by Westmoreland for Levay. Waters sets were limited to 165 sets. It is also in a punch set. Both are found in this deep purple. The water set above does not have any markings but has the Westmoreland sticker.

Plutec, Fenton - A squatty blue water pitcher or jug with fluted panels aroun d the piece and a cane design around the bottom. Marked Fenton with a scripted "F" in an oval.

Quintec, Fenton - A tall blue water pitcher with alternating panels and sections of cane. Marked Fenton. No tumblers yet known.

Rambler Rose, L.G. Wright and Mosser - These reproductions are difficult to tell from the classic era as they are made from original molds and not marked. They were originally made for L.G. Wright in amethyst by the Westmoreland Company. After Westmoreland closed, the molds moved to Mosser Glass which made it in a marigold color. Classic era pitchers would have an uniridized handle.

Robin, Imperial and L. E. Smith - Imperial reissued this water set in red (limited edition of 300), cobalt (Aurora Jewels), white, ice blue, ice green, and a color called verde green for E. Ward Russel. White is the most often seen. Some of the red pitchers were made by L.E. Smith after Imperial closed. Purple pieces are probably also by L. E. Smith as Imperial did not make these in purple.

Stork and Rushes, L.G. Wright - Wright had Westmoreland press these water sets. Many of these were marked with the Northwood N mark even though the originals were made by Dugan. Apparently this was an effort to make them appear to be authentic old carnival glass. Mostly known in marigold and purple, although the water set is also available in red.

Stretch, Fenton - This purple water set, with applied handle, is made by Fenton. While this set is more stretch glass than carnival glass, collectors seem to have it in their collections of carnival glass. These and other pieces in the same color were made for Levay in 1981. Water sets were limited to 500. A few of these sets are handpainted with flowers by C. Thomas. The pitchers also have butterflies.

Threaded, Gibson - Technically not carnival glass as they are hand formed without the use of a mold. Very heavy glass and they are stamped "Gibson 1985" on the bottom of each piece.

Tiara, Indiana - These were made for Tiara who sold them at home parties. Only known in this lime green. Rather difficult to find. Water set comes with a goblet and not a tumbler.

Tiger Lily, Imperial - Imperial reissued this set in several colors including aqua, ice blue, ice green, marigold, pink, amethyst, and white. Some are signed IG, others LIG. Smith made red pitchers and tumblers.

Valtec, LE Smith - This purple water set, orginally sold as "Hobstar", is made by L.E.Smith. It is a former McKee mold and in the line of other "tec" patterns. L.E. Smith made this pattern in many colors including amethyst, gold amber, amberina, red, Crystal Lustre, pink, and peach. For Levay, they made ice blue (500 sets), peacock opal (300 sets) and ice aqua (250 sets).

Waterlily, Fenton - Just found in a water pitcher. No tumblers are known. This pitcher is 7 1/2 inches tall and the color is teal. Made by Fenton and found in their 1989 catalog.

Wild Rose and Bow Knot, Fenton - Just found in a water pitcher. No tumblers are known. This pattern is also known in a vase shape. Made by Fenton.

Windmill, Imperial - Water sets are found in marigold with sueded panels as shown above or with complete iridization. L.E. Smith purchased this Imperial mold and made sets in ice blue which are marked with an "S".

Yesteryear, Mosser - This water set is found in vaseline opal. Both the pitchers and tumblers are marked with a capital "M" inside the outline of the state of Ohio. Originally a Viking Glass mold. Yesteryear was also made in table set pieces.