Terry Crider Art Glass
Terry Crider and his wife Donna, have created glass art since 1976. They sold their first pieces at flea markets where they set up. Terry had a chemical background and he worked to develop a special formula for iridizing some of his work. He made unique paperweights with each piece being 100% hand made and his unique iridizing formula resulted in many one of a kind pieces.

Terry also used his knowledge of chemistry to create iridized pieces from crystal glass pieces already made by other glass makers. He would purchase these pieces, re-heat them, re-shape them and then iridize them.

His pieces are marked by his signature, typically etched into the bottom of the piece.

His work includes paperweights, toothpick holders, novelties and even marbles. Because he worked for himself in his own facility, he often went periods of time without making any items. So his work is not often found. He only recently stopped making glass altogether in 2014.

Below are a 1981 ACGA souvenir reshaped and iridized by Terry Crider as well as a Prayer Rug plate iridized by Terry. Both pieces are signed. Also shown is the back of the Prayer Rug plate showing a typical Crider signature.

Below is a collection of Terry Crider items, all signed. Also below is a collection of contemporary toothpick holders. Each is signed "Crider" and several of them are dated 1984 or 1986.

Terry Crider iridized tumblers by the thousands in probably hundreds of different patterns. While many of these tumblers were made in the time period he iridized them, he did buy old classic era stock to iridize as seen by the many patterns to the left.

On the left, in the top row are Northwood's Peach, Imperial's File, Dugan's Dahlia, Dugan's Jeweled Heart and Cambridge's Inverted Feather.

In the middle row are Millersburg's Hobstar and Feather, Northwood's Oriental Poppy, Northwood's Nearcut, Cambridge's Inverted Strawberry, and Northwood's Plum and Cherries.

In the bottom row are Northwood's Drapery, a contemporary Chickens, Imperial's Chatelaine, Dugan's Circle Scroll and Imperial's Diamond Lace.

Although most items iridized by Terry Crider or one of the Hansen brothers are smaller; including toothpicks, tumblers and assorted novelities; Terry also iridized larger items such as those above. From left to right are a Northwood Singing Birds Sweatmeat. Although this Is a Classic era item, it was never iridized in that time frame. Next is a contemporary Moon and Star red water pitcher. The pitcher is full size. Next are two larger novelties: Goose Girl in red and "Sure Win" in amber.