Moon and Star - L.E. Smith, Fenton and Weishar
These are the L. E. Smith versions of Moon and Star water sets. The full-size water set has goblets rather than tumblers. Above is an amethyst set.

The 7-inch fairy lamps (above center) are found in lavender, blue, and red and is also by L.E. Smith.

The Hunter Green vase was produced in early 2004 by Fenton.

L. E. Smith made the nine inch candlestick in white. Smith also made the toothpick holders. So far, only seen in amethyst.

Weishar generally made miniature versions of the Moon and Star pattern. The water set above, with a pitcher about 4 inches tall, is cobalt. Water sets in amber, celeste blue, iridized chocolate (shown to the right) and ice green are also known. The salt and pepper shakers are in blue.