New Checkerboard - Westmoreland
Checkerboard reproductions are also referred to as "Old Quilt". Checkerboard water set reproductions are much like the originals and the water pitcher could easily be confused with the classic era one. The tumblers come in three sizes - ice tea, standard and juice. Pitchers come in two sizes; standard 8 1/4 inch and a smaller 7 1/4 inch tall juice. Standard pitchers with taller ice tea tumblers could be called an ice tea set. The water set above is ice blue, a color not found in the classic era. However, amethyst water sets were made in both eras. Amethyst Checkerboard water sets were the first contemporary water sets made and black amethyst Checkerboard water sets were the last sets Westmoreland made before they closed.
Above is a photo of the two sizes of pitchers. The larger pitcher is both taller and wider than the smaller.

In the larger sets, they were made in a limited number of amber and ice blue. For Levay, they were made in; blue (250 sets), lime green (125 sets), purple slag (limited edition), Ruby Mother of Pearl (500 sets) and white (limited edition).

The smaller juice set was made in honey amber and, for Levay, 200 sets were made in blue opal.

On the left are two covered boxes, typical of the shapes not found in original Carnival. Note that items may be found with a Westmoreland mark but may be made by some other maker. After Westmoreland ceased operations and their molds sold off, a maker may have made pieces without removing the mark. The red cruet to the right was not made in classic era carnival.
Also found in other shapes including salt and pepper shakers, cup and saucer, 7 1/2 inch vase, a table set (butterdish, creamer, sugar) and powder jar. Colors are varied and include red, amethyst, blue, ice blue and blue opal.