Cactus - Fenton, St. Clair & Summit
Fenton made the Cactus pattern for Levay in aqua opal in 1979 and red in 1982.

Above are a 6-inch red spittoon, a red basket, an aqua opal cruet (250 made) and a St Clair tumbler. St. Clair iridized tumblers in blue and red.

Toothpick holders were made by Fenton in aqua opal for Levay. Many toothpick holders are unmarked like the red example shown here, and some are marked for Summit (a "V" in a circle) like the amethyst one here. Shakers are also known. Shakers would have a metal top attached to these toothpicks. A set of blue shakers by St Clair and a vaseline set by Summit are known.

A jack-in-the-pulpit vase in red is shown in the center. On the right is the Cactus 7-piece water set with goblets by Fenton in aqua opal. Water sets are also found in red.

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