Hobnail - Fenton
Fenton made its Hobnail pattern in a great variety of shapes and quite a few colors, as well as milk glass and other non-iridized pieces. They first issued the pattern in amethyst in 1980. Fenton also made items in Hobnail for Levay and other marketers.
Covered bowl, amethyst. About 7 inches long. Compote in peach opal for MLT GLass. Amethyst and plum opal compotes are also known. Fairy lamp in red, 3 pieces, 6-7" tall. Also known in aqua opal and lilac. Cruet in amethyst, for Levay, 1977. Also known in aqua opal.
Banana bowl in aqua opal for Levay, 1984, 12 inches long. 3 lily epergne in blue, red, Aqua opal for Levay and Purple. Spittoons were made as room display awards for the Heart of America club conventions beginning in 1984. Rosebowl in plum opal. Also known in blue.
Blue water set. Fan vase in plum opal, 8 inches tall. Bud vase in amethyst. Jack-in-the-pulpit vase in ruby.
Punch set in aqua/teal. These punch sets are known in several colors, both iridized and not. Hobnail bells in aqua opal and peach opal were made for the Lincoln-Land club. Also known in purple or blue. In 2004, Singleton Bailey commissioned Fenton to make these 16-inch cobalt vases for him. Toothpick holder in amethyst or aqua opal.
Fenton made at least three versions of the Hobnail water pitcher. This is actually a small 5 1/2 inch tall syrup jug. This water set has the hobnails coming up half way up the neck of the pitcher.