Michael L. Taylor Glass
The MLT in MLT Glass stands for Michael L. Taylor who was Dorothy Taylor's son. Dorothy Taylor was the founder of Carnival Glass Encore. MLT Glass is described in the ads below as the "Wholesale Division of Carnival Glass Encore". Dorothy used Encore to attract collectors of contemporary and sell them pieces that she commissioned Fenton and other companies to make. Encore would collect orders from its members and then send a consolidated order to the glass manufactuer which then shipped the items to the customers directly from its plant.

The following is taken from James Measell's book entitled Fenton Glass The 1980s Decade:

"Mike Taylor's MLT Glass seems to have been a short-lived concern. The first pieces made for MLT Glass by Fenton in late 1981 were Peach Opalescent Carnival (PI), using the 5150 Atlantis vase mould."

"Fenton's 5150 Atlantis mould was used for five MLT Glass items; a flared version called 'hi bowl', the standard vase, a spittoon, a fan vase and a rose bowl. Fewer than 100 were made of each shape and they retailed for $49.50 each. The color flyer, which advertised these pieces, called them 'A Limited Offering for the New Glass Collector of America'. A basket was also made, although just a few of these were produced."

"A letter (dated November 16, 1981) on the reverse side of the color flyer also mentioned ten different shapes in Peach Opal made from the 'bottom of the Beaded Fairy Light...691 in all'. Also mentioned were pieces made from a Fenton Hobnail compote mould, again in Peach Opal. This letter and color flyer were included in the December 1981 issue of 'Carnival Glass Encore' and some whimsies made from the Peach Opal Atlantis vase were advertised by Dorothy Taylor in the same issue."

Read this article from the June 2004 Collectible Carnival Glass (CCGA) newsletter.

Below are two flyers taken from the December 1981 issue of Carnival Glass Encore.

MLT Glass had Fenton make 500 Atlantis pieces in five different shapes. All were made in peach opal and all are marked Fenton on the bottom. From left to right are Flared Vase (5150 PI A.), Regular Vase (5150 PI), Spittoon (5150 PI C.), Fan Vase (5150 PI D.), and Rosebowl Vase (5150 PI E.).