Heavy Iris Reproductions - LG Wright, Gibson and Fenton
Heavy Iris water sets were reproduced for L. G. Wright by Westmoreland with no markings. The tumblers are very difficult to tell from the originals but the pitchers have a plain band between the top of the pattern and the ruffled rim. The set on the left, in amethyst, is a Wright piece. It is not known who made the pieces for Wright.

The set on the right, in red, is a Gibson piece. When Gibson acquired the molds, they made one change. The clear band at the top of the tumblers was extended to make the tumblers taller. Thus tall tumblers mean that it is a Gibson piece. The red pitcher and tumblers are all marked on the bottom "Gibson 1989". In addition to red, Gibson made the Heavy Iris water set in many colors including blue, blue opal, green, green opal, pearl milk glass, purple slag and rosaline.

Subsequently, Fenton acquired the molds to the water set and made them in spruce green. The pitcher and tumblers are each marked on the bottom with a capital F inside an oval. This is Fenton's mark for items made from a mold not original to Fenton. The tumblers are the shorter version similar to LG Wright. The handle on a Fenton pitcher is ribbed.

Subsequently, Fenton made vases from the pitcher (leaving off the handle). These were marketed by Singleton Bailey. These can be found in amethyst, black, blue, red and vaseline opal.