High Hob - Westmoreland
Water sets were made in 1975 in purple (200 sets), in 1976 in blue opal (200 sets) and in 1977 pink (200 sets) and iridized purple slag (76 sets). They are also found in blue (800 sets), green and green opal (only 29 sets). These water sets came with 8 inch tall pitchers and six 4 inch tumblers and were all made for Levay.

Water sets using the same pitcher but including six 5 1/2 inch tall goblets were made in blue carnival and limited to 400 sets. These were also made for Levay.

Tumblers in green, purple slag, pink, blue and blue opal are shown below.

High Hob is also made in a full four piece table set including a creamer, covered sugar, spooner and butter dish. They are found in a deep purple and are unmarked.

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