Paneled Grape - Westmoreland, Fenton, Mosser
Paneled Grape was originally a D.C. Jenkins Glass Co. pattern. The molds came to be owned by the Westmoreland Company after Jenkins closed in 1932. Westmoreland made this pattern for other distrubutors including L.G. Wright and Levay. After Westmoreland closed in 1984, the molds were sold to Fenton and to Mosser Glass.

Westmoreland made a seven piece water set with 8 7/8 inch footed pitchers and six 4 1/2 inch tumblers. In carnival, these were made for Levay in; blue opal (1,000 sets), lime green (250 sets), purple (1,000 sets), red in a limited edition, cobalt blue in a limited edition, and lilac opal in a limited edition.

Westmoreland also made a small juice set in Paneled Grape for Levay. This seven piece sets included one 8 1/4 inch footed pitcher and six 4 1/2 inch tumblers.

Above is a 7-piece water set in blue opal and an 11 inch handled basket in red. Baskets are also known in purple.

Above are the two sizes of pitchers. Although the height is only different by about 1/2 inch, you can tell the difference by looking at the thickness of the handle. The larger pitcher has a much thicker handle than the smaller pitcher. Also shown is the smaller pitcher with the smaller tumbler. The smaller pitcher is marked on the bottom with a capital "M" outlined in the state of Ohio for Mosser Glass.

Below are the two sizes of tumblers. Although they are both 4 1/2 inches tall, the juice tumbler is thinner than the standard tumbler. Also below are tumblers in various colors of lilac, lilac opal, blue opal, red and green.

Above are a creamer and sugar in blue and a cruet in blue opal.

Paneled Grape by Fenton using a Westmoreland mold. The punch set is known in several colors including pink and this teally green opal. This 8 inch tall vase, also in teal, has the Fenton sticker and is marked on the base with a Capital "F" in an oval with the letters "USA" next to it.