Contemporary Carnival Glass Punch Sets

Buffalo Hunt by Summit. Although the shape reminds us of a punch bowl, there are no bases or cups yet found.

Buzz Saw by Westmoreland. A large punch set available in this red and also in amethyst.

Hobstar and Buttons by L.E. Smith. Found in several colors, both iridized and not. Made from an old McKee mold called "Rotec".

Fruits #81 by Westmoreland. Shown here in Ice Blue, it is also known in amethyst and blue.

Grape by Imperial punch set in a dark amber. Also known in ice blue.

Hobnail by Fenton. Known in several colors.

Hobstar by Imperial in smoke. Also known in marigold. Each piece of this smoke set is marked with Imperial's IG and were made from 1965 to 1972. The set came with a bowl and base, 12 cups and a plastic ladel.

Indiana Harvest in green. Also known in amber and blue. These punch sets came with a plastic ladel but no base.

Indiana Hierloom in red. Note that the base was sold as an idividual item, a candle stand, so you will find more bases than bowls.

Octagon by Fenton in a light blue opalescent. Bowl was first a Mckee pattern called Concord and then it was Indiana Glass's Heirloom punch set. Both of these came with punch cups. Fenton paired the bowl with Octagon tumblers.

Paneled Grape by Mosser in red. Also known in black. The ladel is made from a punch cup.

Hobnail Champagne Set by Fenton in carnival glass is found in aqua opal only. The punch cups are shaped like saucer champagne glasses and thus the name. The bowl sits on a wide flat base.

Princess Feather by Westmoreland.

Strawberry and Cane by Fenton. Shown here in vaseline opal carnival, it is also known in amethyst.

Strawberry and Cane by Fenton. Shown here is the same punch set as shown on the left but with a platter base instead of a metal base. The platter is the punch bowl flattened out.

Grape and Vine by L. E. Smith in amethyst.

Inverted Feather and Hobstar by L. E. Smith. Available cupped in as shown or flared out. Sold with or without a metal stand. Also called Wiltec, another of the old McKee "tec" patterns.

Paneled Grape by Fenton using a Westmoreland mould. Known in several colors including pink and this teally green opal.

A geometric pattern. Made by LE Smith although it is unmarked. Found in white and amethyst.