Westmoreland Glass Company - Grapeville, Pennsylvania
In 1889, a group of men purchased the Specialty Glass Company and moved it to Grapeville, PA and re-named it; Westmoreland Specialty Company. Westmoreland's main production was pressed glass tableware, mustard jars, and candy containers. Westmoreland had its own mustard factory.

In 1924, Westmoreland Specialty Company became Westmoreland Glass Company to focus itself on its glass production.

In the 1940s, Westmoreland began to produce primarily milk glass and thru the 1950s, it was estimated that 90 percent of Westmoreland's production was milk glass. Over the course of time Westmoreland used several different marks or stickers on the glass.

In 1980, the company was sold to David Grossman. David created a new mark for the company that included his last name.

Westmoreland produced vintage carnival glass in the 1920s and reissued novelties and pattern glass with iridescence in the 1970s until the plant closed in 1984.

Carnival glass made by Westmoreland:

Ball and Swirl
Basketweave Basket
Basketweave Tub Vase
Open Edge Plates
Checkerboard (Old Quilt)
Dolphins Vase
Covered Duck
File and Fan
Fruit #81 Punch Set
High Hob
Panelled Grape
Covered Rabbit
Robin on Nest
Strutting Peacocks
Westward Ho

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