Contemporary Carnival Glass Mugs and Steins
These were made from the 1960s on.

Acanthus Leaf, Imperial - One of several pieces made by Imperial in the Acanthus Leaf pattern.

Beaded Shell for ACGA, Imperial - Made to be an American Carnival Glass Association souvenir. This mug was issued in five separate years in five different colors.

Butterfly and Lattice, Fenton - This cobalt is made by Fenton as a Fenton Art Glass Collector Association souvenir.

Bird Mug, Mosser - Birds are on both sides of this blue mug made by Mosser. A green mug was made for the 1983 Akron Ohio Police Olympics and is so marked on the bottom.

Cat and Dog Mug - These small mugs were made by Mosser and used as some early souvenirs for Lincolnland.

God and Home - American Carnival Glass Association issued this souvenir mug with the God and Home design.

Holly Band, St Clair - Also found in a toothpick. This mug is by St Clair, although the piece is not marked. Also found in an aqua with a marigold overlay.

Imperial Grape - Green and blue Mugs were made by Pioneer Glass Works, a small operation that worked in the Imperial Factory for a while after the factory was closed.

Mayflower, Imperial - Mayflower was made by Imperial Glass early in the reproduction period. Found in mugs and water sets in marigold and smoke.

Storybook, Imperial - E. Ward Russell commissioned Imperial to make Storybook mugs in several colors. Originally a Heisey mold.

Presznick Museum, Imperial - Imperial made these 4-inch tall mugs for Rose Presznick for her Carnival Glass museum. In 1969, they were made in marigold and smoke. There is an eagle and stars on the side. Around the band at the top on one side are the words "Presnick Carnival Glass Museum," and on the other side, "Lodi, Ohio." The bottom has the Imperial IG mark, J.P.-R.P., 1969. Also made in celeste/sapphire blue in 1972.

PNWCGC, Fenton - The Pacific Northwest Carnival Glass Club had a series of Fisherman's mug made for their conventions.

Peacock Child's Mug - Made by Degenhart in blue. Has a peacock on each side. MArked with a "D" in a heart at the inside bottom.

Robin, Imperial - Mugs were made in red and pink. In 1967, the red mug was used as the American Carnival Glass Association's first souvenir.

Swan, Fenton - These mugs were made by Fenton for Singleton Bailey and for NFGS. They're found in amethyst, blue, red, pink and several other colors.

Beer Garden stein, Federal - These 6-inch tall milk glass steins have a pattern of two men being served beer at an outdoor table (there is grass around the table legs). The bottom is marked with the Federal shield and the words, "Heat Proof."

Bicentennial stein, Fenton - One of several shapes made to commemorate the American Bicentennial.

Craftsman stein, Fenton - Made to compliment Fenton's series of Craftsmen Plates, the stein shows a Glassblower. Mostly found in amethyst but on occasion white.

Troubadour Stein, Westmoreland - A little smaller than most steins. Possibly made for Levay in 1983. Numbered 308 of 1000. Has three scenes around the stein. The scene shown is of a man playing a lute.

Elves Stein, Westmoreland - This stein is also marked Westmoreland. It has three scenes of elf like individuals around the stein. Westmoreland made three steins; Troubadour, Elves and Knights. Knights is not found in contemporary carnival.

Bottoms Up - This is more of a tall mug. It is from a Mckee mold and is 5 1/2 inches tall. This motif is also known in a shot glass with a coaster.