American Carnival Glass Association Souvenirs
In December of 1964, Mrs. Charlotte Ormsbee, William Crowl and E. Ward Russell met in Washington, D.C., to form the Nation's Capitol Carnival Glass Club. Ward soon realized that interest was wide spread and that there was a need for a national organization for Carnival Glass collectors. In 1966, the American Carnival Glass Association (ACGA) was organized. The Nation's Capital Club transitioned into ACGA in 1969. ACGA's founding leaders were Rose Presznick, Marshall Shafer and E. Ward Russell. ACGA held its first convention in 1966 and issued its first souvenir at the second convention held on July 4th 1967. ACGA' annual conventions are held at different locations. E Ward Russell was the first president of ACGA and his initials appear on some of the early convention souvenirs.

Although, ACGA did not issue a souvenir until 1967, Imperial Glass presented the attendees at the 1966 convention with a small "Fashion" jelly compote in marigold. See the story here.

ACGA purchased the Northwood trademark (an underlined capital N in a circle). Many of ACGA's souvenirs therefore have a paper label with the trademark. The 1976 souvenir has the trademarked N molded into the piece. ACGA sued several parties when the Northwood trademark was improperly used to make the fake Grape and Cable butter dish and the fake Dugan Grape Delight bowl.

The AGCA has used a number of patterns for their conventions souvenirs over the years. Souvenirs were issued from 1967 to 2003. Imperial made the souvenirs from 1967 through 1974, 1975 was made by St Clair, 1976 is unknown and 1977 was made by Gibson. Fenton made the souvenirs from 1978 to 2003.

Click here to read about the making and selling of early souvenirs.

1967 Robin Mug: Red, Washington D.C. July 4
1968 God and Home Mug: Ultra Blue, Dayton Ohio July 4
1969 God and Home Mug: Blue, Los Angeles, CA - Marked IG

1970 Indianapolis Spooner: Green was the official souvenir color but whimseys were made in other colors such as this blue and vaseline.

1971 Beaded Shell Mug: Amber, Cincinnati, Ohio - Marked IG

1972 8" Plate: Purple, Dayton, Ohio - Marked IG

1973 Oblong Tray: Red, Staunton, Virginia

1974 Plate: Amber, Indianapolis, Indiana - Marked IG

1975 Carillon Bell Tower: Blue, Marked "10th Annual Convention Dayton Ohio J. ST. C." (for Joe St. Clair)

1976 ACGA Logo sign: Ice blue. Reads "American Carnival Glass Association Member 1976 Convention Ithica, New York". It is marked with the Northwood mark that ACGA owns.

1977 God and Home Spittoon: Cleveland, Ohio, Teal by Gibson

Beaded Shell Mug

1978: Ice blue opal, Staunton, VA
1979: Red, Indianapolis, IN
1980: Ice green (whimsey), Camp Hill, PA
1981: Vaseline, New Phila. OH
These have no makers mark but thought to be Fenton.

Seacoast Spittoon

1982: Peach Opal, Dayton OH
1983: Green, Camp Hill, PA
1984: Red, Canandaigua, NY
1985: Celeste Blue, Elkhart, IN

Morning Glory Mini Pitcher See how they were made.

1986: Marigold, New Philadelphia, OH
1987: Green, Canandaigua, NY
1988: Purple, Camp Hill, PA
1989: Red, New Philadelphia, OH

Inverted Strawberry

1990 Fairy Lamp: Red, Parkersburg, WV
1991 Handled basket: Red, Parkersburg, WV
1992 Bell: Red, Lexington, KY

Inverted Strawberry

1993 Spittoon: Red, Lexington, KY
1994 Shakers Red, Columbus, OH
1995 Covered Sugar Red, Fort Wayne, IN
1996 Creamer Red, Pittsburgh, PA

1997 Hobstar & Feather Mini Punch Set: Purple, Batavia, NY

Seacoast Spittoon

1998: Green Milk Glass, Lansing, MI
1999: Blue, New Philadelphia, OH
2000: Lavender, Parkersburg, WV
2001: Vaseline Opal, Greensboro, NC
2002: Ice Green Opal, Columbus, OH
The small trinket box, on the left, with a hummingbird on the top is marked Fenton and is aqua in color. It was made for the 2003 convention in Pittsburgh.

These small items pictured to the right were also given out at conventions. They are not the official souvenir of a convention but rather small gifts used as table favors etc. The Nut Cup is marked "Aneheim 1969" on the bottom and thus was probably given away at the Los Angeles convention in 1969. It is also marked IG for Imperial. The 3 1/4 inch plate is marked Joe St. Clair and has "1979-80" etched into the back. The toothpick holder has the IG mark on the inside bottom. On the outside bottom it reads "5th Anniversary ACGA 1971 Cincinnati". For more photos of ACGA favors click here.

For more information on ACGA convention souvenirs,

see Diane Rosington's book entitled "Carnival Glass Club Commemoratives 1964-1999".