Contemporary Carnival Glass Novelty Items

Acorn Spooner, Mosser - Mostly found in amethyst, marigold and green, these pieces are a new pattern without a corresponding pattern in classic Carnival. They have an acorn theme and a twig handle. As Mosser is still in current production, other colors could well be added.

Alley Cats, Fenton - They're about 11 inches tall and are quite heavy. The first was produced in 1970 in amethyst and subsequently in a number of other colors including blue, red, green, pink, celeste blue, sapphire blue, and teal. These appeared in a 1924 US Glass ad.

Animals, Fenton - Fenton made several small animals in carnival glass during the contemporary period.

Animals, Mosser - Mosser also made several small animals in carnival glass during the contemporary period.

Ballerina Pin Tray - These are 9 inches long and found in a number of colors. There is a WG mark on the bottom of one foot, but they're definitely not Westmoreland. Shown is a red example. These appear in the 2017 Mosser Glass catalog and are still being made in 2020.

Bashful Charlotte - Bashful Charlotte is found as both a flower frog (left), and a lamp base (right). Maker is unknown, but some are marked with an "MI" that stands for Mirror Images. The frogs are found in various colors including blue and lavender. The lamp bases are found in blue, green, and milk glass.

Beehive Honeypot - This little honey pot with a bee and a hole for a spoon is about 5 inches high. Generally they are listed as blue flashed or teal. Jeanette was the maker.

Beehive Covered Jar - These 5 1/4 inch covered jars were made by Imperial in ice blue (Horizon Blue) in 1979-1980 and pink in 1978-1982. When Imperial went out of business, Boyd bought the mold and has made it in cobalt and vaseline, with their mark.

Bicentennial Ashtray, Wheaton - These unmarked ashtrays are found in amethyst and white but they do appear in a Wheaton Glass ad. The pieces are very heavy.

Bird, Mosser - Mosser is thought to have made these large 8 1/2 inch tall birds, however, they are unmarked.

Bottoms Up shot glass - These shot glasses are sold with a 4 inch coaster that can serve as an ashtray. They're found in a variety of colors, both iridized and not. Some are marked for Rosso.

Boyd - Boyd made many small novelty type items. Click on the link to see more.

Boy/Girl bookends - This set of 5-inch bookends was made by Wheaton and are call Boy and Girl. Only seen in this blue, usually well iridized.

Bridesmaid Doll, Fenton - Fenton made these Bridesmaid Dolls in many colors including some that were iridized. Many are handpainted. They are 7 inches tall and are marked on the side towards the bottom.

Butterfly, Fenton - One of several butterfly shapes made by Fenton. This on sits on a base. This was used as FAGCA's souvenir in 1985.

Butterfly, Westmoreland - While these are marked with the Westmoreland logo, they were not made by Westmoreland, but by one of the contemporary makers. They have about a 5-inch wingspan. Known in this blue and a sort of mother-of-pearl.

Cabbage Rose Salt and Pepper - Fenton - These salt and pepper shakers are in the Cabbage Rose pattern by Fenton. Fenton made Cabbage Rose in several shapes.

Candy Container - This small 3 3/4 inch piece, made to look like a glass display case, is a candy container with a metal back panel to hold in the candy. The back panel states that this was made from an original Westmoreland mold. The piece is unmarked but made by Summit.

Chick and Egg Pin Tray - This 5 inch pin tray featuring a chick hatching from an egg is made for Levay by Westmoreland. Does appear in a Summit catalog in cobalt iridized.

Coal Bin - This blue piece is made to look like a copper coal bin and was probably a candy container. Who made this piece is unknown as it is not marked. Mold was purchased by Rosso Glass from Westmoreland after they closed. Appears in a Summit catalog.

Colgate Washboard - The majority of the 5-inch tall pieces you'll see are blue. They're marked WG for Westmoreland but they were not made by them. The example shown here is amethyst.

Cow butter mold - Note the image of a cow on the side. An odd item for which it can't determine the age or maker. They're in marigold or red/amberina, about 7 inches tall. Read an Encore article.

Cruets, Imperial for Levay - Cape Cod and Old Williamsburg cruets made about 1977. Cape Cod is marked "Levay 1977 146 - 300".

Donkey, Imperial - Imperial made this Donkey and an Elephant in Meadow Green. Marked with Imperial's LIG mark.

Donkey and Cart, Fenton - These two piece novelties are made in several colors by Fenton. Only some are iridized. This has Fenton's 95th sticker on it.

Duck Head bookends - Not much is known about these interesting objects. They were made in cobalt blue and are 9 1/2 to 10 inches tall. Thought to be imported.

Eagle ashtray, Smith - Found in amethyst and blue, these 9-inch ashtrays were made by L.E. Smith.

Elephant, Imperial - Imperial made this Elephant and a Donkey in Meadow Green. Marked with Imperial's LIG mark.

Elks Watch, Summit - Not a real watch, of course, but it simulates a pocket watch in solid glass. The one here is 2 3/4 inches tall and has a plain back and no makers mark. There are also 4-inch tall versions.

Eye cups - Produced by a number of makers in a variety of styles and colors.

Fish Spoon Rest, Fenton - This 9 1/2 inch red tray or spoon rest was featured in Fenton's 2004 general catalog.

Goose Girl, L. E. Smith - These statutes are found in two sizes; one about 6 inches; the other about 8 inches. Smith iridized them in ice blue and ice green. Mostly, though, you'll find them in the purple. Terry Crider iridized the red one above.

474 Shakers, Imperial - These are salt and pepper shakers along with a sugar shaker in Imperial's 474 pattern. These were not made in carnival in the classic era. These are Horizon blue but also found in Pink.

Hobnail Ashtrays, St Clair - These small ashtrays have an exterior that are covered in hobnails. These pieces are not marked but are found in a St Clair catalog. The interiors known include JFK, an elk and Santa Claus.

Happy Cats, Fenton - These are smaller than Fenton's Alley Cats. Several colors made and some were FAGCA souvenirs.

Insulators, Imperial - These 4-inch tall non-functional insulators were produced by Imperial.

Intaglio Flower - These almond cups appear in a 1911 ad from US Glass. The mold was then acquired by Westmoreland and then Summit. Here are unmarked re-productions in amberina/red and blue by Summit. Also known in vaseline and Geraldine's Delight. The almond cup is 2 1/2 inches tall and has a 1 3/4 inch base. See this article from the June 1998 CCGA newsletter.

Jug, Unknown - This iridized jug is amethyst. It reads "4/5 Quart" on the side and is 7 inches tall.

Kissing Boy and Girl, Fenton - These kissing boy and girl are in amethyst. They have a ground base with a Fenton sticker.

Lady Legs Bookends, Fenton - Issued in limited editions of 70 pairs of green iridized for $30 and 80 pairs of custard for $35. These are 8 inches tall. See an ad from the Glass Review magazine.

La-Te-Da Honeycomb Diffuser, Fenton - When filled with aromatic oils this diffuser will give off a scent. Appeared in Fenton's 2007 general catalog along with a Zipper Loop diffuser.

La-Te-Da Zipper Loop Diffuser, Fenton - When filled with aromatic oils this diffuser will give off a scent. Appeared in Fenton's 2007 general catalog. Uses Imperial original Zipper Loop oil lamp mold.

Madonna, Imperial - This madonna statute is x inces tall. Found in white carnival. It is marked on the back side of the base with "LIG" for Lennox Imperial Glass.

Mary and Jesus wall plaques, Wheaton - These Mary and Jesus 5-inch tall wall plaques are found in this amber and a celeste blue. They have a loop in the glass at the top that allows them to be mounted on the wall.

Miller Tile - These small tiles are 4 inches square. These advertising pieces show the Miller Beer logo with Miller spelled out. In amber glass with no markings. Made by Chicago Art Glass; probably in the 1930s.

Moon Face medallions - These small pieces are 1 1/2 inches in diameter. They can be obtained from stained glass suppliers. This is red but they are found in other colors. A larger 4 1/2 size is also available.

Muddler, Fenton - Muddlers are used to muddle the mint leaves in a Mojito. These 5 1/2 inch items in red were made for Henry and Roserita Ziegler by Fenton in 1980. Not often seen. A Fenton mark can be seen on the upper right side of this muddler.

Octagon Cruet, Imperial - Octagon cruets were not made in the classic era by Imperial. The base is marked with the IG Imperial logo and the piece has an Imperial sticker. This cruet is amethyst and is 7 inches tall.

Owl, Gibson - Gibson made these owls. Techically not carnival as they are hand formed. Made for Dorothy Taylor. These are 6 1/2 inches tall and are stamped "Gibson" on the bottom. This one is also etched "73" on the bottom.

Owl Ring Tree, Fenton - Fenton made these ring trees beginning in the 1980s. The Owl is 4 1/2 inches tall and the base is marked with the oval Fenton logo with an "8". The Fenton number is 9299 CN. This one is in amethyst.

Penny Trust Co box - These three-inch tall boxes with a removable lid are found in blue with the Westmoreland WG mark. Not made by Westmoreland but by Summit.

Piano - This small piano is a candy container in blue. Made from a Westmoreland mold but the maker is Summit Art Glass.

Piano, Mosser - Shown in Mosser's 1983 catalog, this covered box is 3 1/2 inches tall by 6 1/4 inches long. It is clear carnival glass.

Pie Wagon, Fenton - Shown in some of the later Fenton catalogs, these 6 1/4 inch long pieces are only known in purple. Originally an Imperial mould. Each side reads: "Pie Wagon Reber & Co Estab 1873." Mr. Reber was an Imperial glass salesman.

Pot of Gold, Williams - This 4 inch tall pot, with a lid plated with 22 karat gold, was sold by Williams.

Praying Boy and Girl, Fenton - These praying boy and girl are in amethyst. They have a ground base with a Fenton sticker.

Pump and Trough, LG Wright - While very similar to Northwood's classic era Town Pump, this is an LG Wright contemporary product. It does come in several colors and may have been iridzed by the Hansens or by Terry Crider.

Rowboat Ashtray, Fenton - This small rowboat is in amethyst and is meant to be an ashtray. Has a Fenton sticker.

Salt and Pepper Basket - Originally seen in old Imperial catalogs, this small basket holds salt and pepper shakers. These are made by Summit Art Glass.

Salt Set - These small bowls are probalby made as a salt set. The larger piece is 4 inches across and the smaller ones are 2 1/4 inches across. In a Daisy and Cane pattern and in red glass. They are not marked.

Saltz and Pfeffer Shakers, Imperial - This pair of 6-inch tall shakers were made in marigold (Rubigold), smoke (Peacock), cobalt (Aurora Jewels), and amber. They're sometimes referred to as maid and butler. There are examples with pointed tops, rather than the standard ones shown here.

Santa Claus, Fenton - Fenton made a series of three santas; santa holding a kitten, santa holding his list and a kneeling santa with a bag of toys. Santa with a kitten is found most often and kneeling santa is rare in carnival. Mostly found in this green but on occasion in red and rarely in white. Mosser has acquired these molds and is making them in red carnival.

September Morn - This is called September Morn and emulates a famous painting by that name. A vaseline example has been listed as 11 inches tall and also as 8 1/2 inches tall.

Sow and Piglet, St. Clair and Summit - Made in this larger 4 inch sow and a smaller piglet. St. Clair made them first then Summit acquired the mold. Summit items are marked with a "V" in a circle.

Sunfish, Fenton - One of several fish and animal novelites made by Fenton.

Sunflower Pin Tray, Fenton - Did Fenton acquire the original Millersburg mold to make these pin trays or did they create a new mold? They are very similar to Millersburg's original pieces. A green example was made for Levay in 1977. Should be marked with the Fenton logo.

Swan Salts - These 5-inch swan reproductions were made by Fenton, Imperial, and others and would be marked appropriately. Found in Sunset Ruby, amber, cobalt (Aurora Pearls), ice blue (Horizon Blue), white, pink, Meadow Green, and Sunburst (yellow).

Tea Lights, Fenton - These plaques sit on a metal frame with a place for a tea light in the back. Fenton made this morning glory plaque as well as a dragonfly plaque. Photo courtesy of Wroda Auctions.

Three Faces, Rosso - These small salt dips are only 1 1/2 inches tall. In green carnival. Rosso had them made as they are marked on the bottom with an "R" in a keystone. Rosso used various manufacturers.

Tomahawks - The top tomahawk was made in blue by Degenhart and is marked with a D in a Heart. The bottom tomahawk is marked Gibson.

Turtle Ring Tree, Fenton -

Twelve Days of Christmas, Imperial - Imperial made Christmas tree ornaments to go along with their 12 Days of Christmas plates. They are three inches across and have a hole for a string. Only days 1 through 4 were made before Imperial closed, but, curiously, a day ten is also found.

Venus Rising, Fenton - Fenton's version and is called Venus Rising as the figure appears to be arising out of a shell, based on a famous painting. The figure is undraped and has her hands together. This example is of an 8-inch bowl and 6-inch flower frog.

Xmas Trees - These molds were originally Fenton's. When Fenton closed in 2011, the molds were bought by Mosser Glass who is now making them. Both companies made iridized versions. There are three sizes; 2 3/4, 5 1/2 and 8 inches tall.

Zodiac ashtray, Imperial - This 9 1/2 inch amethyst ashtray was made by Imperial as it is marked with the IG mark on the back.