Boyd Crystal Art Glass
Bernard C. Boyd was an employee of the Degenhart Crystal Art Glass company when it closed in 1978. Bernard purchased the company and the facilities and the Boyd Crystal Art Glass Company was created. Bernard C. and Bernard F., father and son, opened Boyd's Crystal Art Glass October 10, 1978. Boyd continued to make the small novelty items made by Degenhart in many colors that Boyd created. Several of the colors were iridescent. Boyd continued to make glass for the collector well into the 21st century, longer than any other contemporay company other than Mosser which is still in business.

Bernard C. passed away on August 5, 1988. His son, Bernard C., and grandson continued the business until 2014 when the remaining glass inventory was sold to a dealer. While the company no longer exists, their website is still up. Visit it here. The website details their products, many colors and trademarks.

Boyd made a number of miniature vehicles in a range of colors. In addition to the tractor, Model A, and Tucker shown here, there is a Corvette. Boyd made a number of other shapes including this Hand Pin Tray above right.
Other shapes include this Cardholder to the left, an airplane in the center and a truck to the right.
These small plates are just five inches across. They were made by Boyd as commemoratives. The first plate, in blue, commemorates Bernard C. Boyd, owner of Boyd Glass, and says 1908 - 1988. It also says "Glass Chemist". It is marked with the "B" in a diamond with a line above and a line below, thus it would have been made in the 1988 to 1993 time period. The second plate, in white, commemorates the U.S. bicentennial.

Boyd marked their items with a B in a Diamond and added a line around this diamond to signify a new period of time. So the more lines around the diamond the later the piece was made as demonstrated by the chart to the left and the two photos above.