Levay Glass
Gary Levi, using a family name, opened Levay Distributing Company in Edwardsville, IL.

Gary was involved in antiques from early on but then went into selling glassware through limited editions through a mail order business. He wanted to provide a quality product to glass dealers at reasonable prices. Gary used several glass manufacturers to produce a certain amount of an item (limited editions), then he would wholesale that glass to dealers.

Gary would have glass manufacturers make several runs of carnival glass for his company. Gary often asked that the colors used not be a part of the makers' regular line. Gary would then advertise his glass to people on mailing lists.

Fenton, Westmoreland, Imperial and L.E. Smith made glass for Levay. Only a few had a Levay logo pressed into it, but most of this glass was etch signed by Levay and numbered.

In 1984, Gary Levi stopped having Limited Edition carnival glass made under the name of Levay, when he started making his own glass, mostly paperweights.

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