Contemporary Carnival Glass Table and Breakfast Sets

Aztec, L.E. Smith and Fenton - One of the several "Tec" patterns made from older McKee molds. These items are in a deep purple. Both L.E. Smith and Fenton made Aztec items. The covered butter dish is marked L.E. Smith while the covered sugar is marked Fenton.

Beaded Shell, L.G. Wright - This butterdish is not marked but was probably made for L.G. Wright as they owned the classic era molds for this and other Dugan patterns. The bottom is iridized and thus it is contemporary.

Cactus, Fenton - Part of a large array of shapes made in the Cactus pattern. Here it is in a covered sugar and a creamer. Photo courtesy of Burns Auction Services.

Caprice, Summit - This light amethyst creamer and sugar is in the Caprice pattern. Caprice is an old Cambridge pattern but this set is made by Summit Glass.

Cherry and Lattice, Mosser - Only seen in amethyst. Known in 3-piece table sets and water sets. Table sets include a covered butter dish, creamer and an open sugar. The pieces are not marked.

Checkerboard, Westmoreland - Westmoreland made Checkerboard in the Classic Era. However, new shapes, such as these, were made in the Contemporary Era. Ice blue, blue and red are known colors in the table sets.

Cherry and Grape, Westmoreland - Cherries on one side and grapes on the other, Westmoreland made this creamer and sugar in milk glass and this odd teal carnival glass in the 1970s.

Daisy and Button, Degenhart - The small creamer and sugar form a breakfast set. The glass is blue. The inside bottoms of each are marked with a large captial "D" for Degenhart.

Daisy and Button, L.E. Smith - Both L.E. Smith and Fenton made Dasiy and Button. Known in amethyst. This piece is not marked.

Dewey, Imperial - Just known in the butter dish shape. The piece is marked "IG".

Eye Winker - Hansen iridized spooners and Mosser Glass has made creamers, covered sugars and covered butter dishes.

474, Imperial - The butter dish is the only table set piece in 474. This is Imperial's Horizon Blue.

Grape, Fenton - Just known in the butter dish shape. This purple piece has a Fenton sticker. Also found with a white lid and an amber bottom.

Grape, Imperial - Part of Imperial's extensive line of Imperial Grape made in the contemporary era. These pieces were not made in the classic era.

Grape and Cable, Mosser - Mosser was determined to have made these fake Northwood Grape and Cable butter dishes using a fake mark. The American Carnival Glass Association sued to stop them.

Hanging Cherries, Fenton - These items may have been made from the original Millersburg molds as it's close enough to fool most folks if the Fenton mark is ground off the base. In amethyst, made in 1974. They can also be found in red.

Harvest, Indiana - Indiana Glass made this creamer and sugar breakfast set along with a butter dish in their Harvest pattern.

Heirloom, Indiana - The creamer and sugar bowl were sold as a set; the butter dish was sold separately. Indiana pieces are not marked.

HighHob, Westmoreland - This pattern was made in a full table set as well as a water set. The table set includes a covered butter, a covered sugar, a creamer and a spooner. These pieces are not marked.

Inverted Strawberry, Fenton - These pieces are the American Carnival Glass souvenirs for 1995 and 1996.

Inverted Thistle, Mosser - Only the covered butter dish was made in this table set in the contemporary period. It is ice blue and made by Mosser Glass.

Ivy Vine - This pattern is found in a creamer and sugar. They are blue and marked SIC for "Save Imperial Committee".

Lions Paw, Pioneer Glass - Pioneer Glass used the Imperial factory for a short time after Imperial closed. Marked "SIC" on the inside bottoms. This stands for "Save Imperial Committee". Found in blue and green.

Lustre Rose, Imperial - Imperial made several shapes in its classic era pattern Open Rose or Lustre Rose. Above is a blue three-piece table set (the only way the new sets come) marked ALIG.

Maple Leaf, Westmoreland - Made for L. G. Wright using original Dugan molds. Can have a fake "N" mark or an LG Wright "W". Mosser then this set made in their version of marigold.

Medallion, Fenton - Appears in the 2006 Fenton general catalog as 4269NA Medallion Pitcher. It is 3 1/4 inches tall. It appeared again in Fenton's January 2009 supplement as 4269XJ "Lustred Blossoms on Marigold Carnival".

Moon and Star, L. E. Smith - This covered butter dish is in the Moon and Star pattern, one of several shapes available.

Owls, Imperial - These small owls are a creamer and sugar. Cobalt blue with glued on eyes. They are marked IG for Imperial. They also appear in a Summit catalog in blue iridized.

Paneled Daisy, Fenton - The creamer is the only table set piece in Paneled Daisy. A toothpick is also known to be made by Fenton in this pattern.

Paneled Grape - This small creamer and sugar set is in the Paneled Grape pattern and in amethyst. It is unmarked.

Paneled Holly - The butter dish is the only table set piece in Paneled Holly. A tumbler is also found. Possibly by Summit Art Glass.

Plume - This butter dish is distinquished by it's plume like design. Has a Westmoreland mark but may have been made by Summit Art Glass.

Plytec, Fenton - One of the several "Tec" patterns made from older McKee molds, this light amethyst or lavender butter dish is marked with Fenton's Capital "F", in script, in an oval.

Quintec, L.E. Smith - One of the several "Tec" patterns made from older McKee molds, this white creamer and sugar is from L.E. Smith.

Sandwich, Fenton - This small pitcher or creamer is in the Sandwich pattern by Fenton. Found in this red as well as other colors.

Sea Shell - Sea Shell is an old Cambridge pattern. This creamer and sugar in amethyst carnival glass is unsigned. It is iridized on the bottom making it a contemporary item. Also known in iridized vaseline, thus Summit may be the maker.

Stork and Rushes, LG Wright - Wright reproduced water sets, table sets (without the butter dish), and berry sets. Many of these were marked with the Northwood N mark even though the originals were made by Dugan. Apparently this was an effort to make them appear to be authentic old carnival glass.

Strutting Peacocks, Westmoreland - The red Strutting Peacocks sugar and creamer shown above are reproductions made in the 1970s. The rosebowl at the right, 4 1/4" tall, was formed from the sugar bowl mold. It was made by Westmoreland for Levay. It is marked on the bottom "Westmoreland 1974."

Swans, Westmoreland - This Swan table set is marked Westmoreland and includes a butter, creamer and sugar. Available in several colors.

Texas, Degenhart - Degenhart made these small creamers and sugars. Found in blue and sometimes with a "D" in a circle in the inside bottom.

Texas Centennial - These small creamers say "Texas" on one side and "Centennial" on the other. The front has flags and says "1836 - 1936". The back has a picture of the Alamo. Made by Summit Art Glass.

Thistle, L.G. Wright - Made in pink in a complete four piece table set for LG Wright, as well as, a water set. An amethyst creamer is made by Fenton.

Windsor, Indiana - Windsor was made in several shapes including the creamer and sugar.