Contemporary Carnival Glass Covered Animals
This category includes bowls that were originally made with lids depicting animals.

Bird on Nest, Imported - Originally a Westmoreland mold, these Bird on Nest covered jars appeared in an ad for AA Imports in purple. Now they are on Ebay in assorted colors.

Cockerel covered box, Imperial - These covered boxes with a rooster top were made by Imperial and are sometimes referred to as "Cockerel" by collectors. Made in marigold (Rubigold) and smoke (Peacock) between 1978 and 1982.

Camel, Summit - This blue covered camel was made by Summit but similar items were made by other companies. The mold was originally was marked Westmoreland but later versions are unmarked. Made in various non-iridized colors as well as turquoise and emerald green Carnival for Levay.

Cat In Hamper, Summit - This Cat in a hamper was made by Summit to look like an old Greentown piece. Available in several iridized colors.

Cat, Westmoreland - This Cat covered box is marked Westmoreland. May have been made for Levay.

Cat, Westmoreland - This Cat covered box is also marked Westmoreland. It is red and is 5 1/2 inches across.

Dolphin, St Clair and Summit - These covered candy dishes are made to resemble older Greentown pieces. First made by St. Clair and so marked, they were subsequently made by Summit as unmarked examples. Found in blue, green and purple.

Dolphin, Pisello - The Pisello dolphin is much smaller than the St Clair version as you can see. Marked Pisello under the lid.

Duck, Jeannette - Likely made after the 1940s, these 6-inch ducks are called "Mamma Quack" by some collectors. Only in marigold, they originally had yellow painted beaks and pink eyes, although the paint is worn off in many examples.

Duck, LE Smith - These 6-inch ducks are marked with a paper label which reads "Heritage Hand Made By Smith.

Duck, Westmoreland - These ducks measure 8 1/2 inches long from beak to tail. Although they are identified as Westmoreland and have Westmoreland marks, there is no reference to them in Westmoreland material. They do appear in a Summit catalog.

Eagle on Nest, Westmoreland - Found in milk glass, this eagle is made from a Westmoreland mold.

Hen on Nest, Fenton - Fenton makes two versions of the hen on nest covered dishes. The larger one, about 8 inches long, is most easily identified by the basketweave design around the base. The smaller one, about 5 1/2; inches long, has a looped design around the base.

Hen on Nest, Indiana - Indiana's version of this popular shape is about 7 1/2 inches long. Seen in blue, green, amber, and several odd colors.

Horse - Appears in a Summit Art Glass catalog

Lamb Mini Set, Imperial and Boyd - This miniature was first made by Imperial. Boyd added a covered sugar and issued it in new colors and in a collector's box.

Lion, Imperial - Found only in marigold (Rubigold) and smoke (Peacock), these boxes are some of the most difficult Imperial contemporary Carnival to find. Imperial also made these in electric blue for Levay in 1978, but they did not have the open edge to the bowl.

Lion -

Lion, Levay - This is Imperial's Lion top but without the open edge bottom. Made for Levay in this electric blue although it is marked Westmoreland.

Owl, Imperial and Summit - Imperial made these 6-inch covered jars in Horizon Blue and pink. They are Imperial's #800 and marked LIG. To the right is a Summit piece, with the ALIG mark, in a color called Geraldine's Delight.

Rabbit, Summit - This large covered dish is is by Summit. While is has the LIG Imperial Mark on the bottom, it also has a backwards "L" symbol next to it similar to the Bird in Cage piece. Also available in vaseline.

Rabbit, Westmoreland - This covered bowl is 4 inches tall and appears to be red. There also appears to be a Westmoreland sticker on the back of the rabbit. Also by Summit.

Rabbit, Westmoreland - Here is another covered rabbit dish by Westmoreland. This one is in ultra blue. Notice that the rabbit sits in a field of easter eggs.

Robin on Nest, Westmoreland - These covered bowls were made by Westmoreland and are found in a variety of colors. The example shown here is blue.

Rooster on Nest - These covered Rooster bowls were made by Westmoreland and are found in a variety of colors. The example shown here is pink.

Scotty Dog, Degenhart - These blue scottie dogs are signed with Degenhart's Capital "D" in a heart.

Squirrel, AA Imports - These are imported items but the place of manufacturer is not known. This one is amethyst and is 7 inches long.

Swan, Mosser for Levay - These swan dishes with a lacy edge to the bottom are from an original Westmoreland mold. These amethyst examples were made by Mosser Glass for Levay in 2004.

Swan, Westmoreland - This Swan table set is marked Westmoreland and includes a butter, creamer and sugar. Available in several colors.

Swan, Fenton - These 5 1/2 inch long covered swans have the Fenton sticker.

Turkey, Imperial - These 5 1/2 inch long covered jars were Imperial's #149. They were made in marigold (Rubigold) and smoke (Peacock) in 1965 to 1972, and amber in 1973 to 1975.

Turkey, Smith - According to Dorothy Taylor, Smith made these covered turkeys in amethyst, green, amber, amberina, and white. They are about 7 1/2" tall. Interestingly, they were shown on the Rosso site in June 2004, listed as royal plum.

Turkey, Mosser - This large and heavy covered turkey was made by Mosser Glass. It is marked with a capital "M" in the state of Ohio. It is 9 inches tall and in a marigold color.