Contemporary Carnival Glass Vases

Alpine Thistle, Fenton - This red vase is a limited edition and signed by Bill Fenton. Fenton used a mold purchase from Verlys of America to make this vase.

Art Deco, Fenton - A heavy vase in blue made by Fenton. Has a ground top. Made from a mold not originally owned by Fenton as it is marked with a Capital "F" in an oval.

Atlantis, Fenton - the 5150 CN Atlantis vase first appeared in the 1971-1972 Fenton catalog in amethyst. It was then made in several other colors including peach opal made for MLT Glass in 1981.

Autumn Oaks, Imperial - Quite a rare vase. This vase, in Meadow Green (made in 1980 and 1981) is marked LIG. It is 4 1/4 inches tall and 4 7/8 inches across the top. The pattern was also made in pink.

Aztec, Fenton - These are Fenton's number 8654 pattern. Fenton did not give it a name but it is one the "tec" patterns. The cobalt with marigold iridescence example on the left was introduced in 1984. Also known in green and the red shown.

Ball and Swirl, L. E. Smith - These amethyst vases are ten inches tall and are marked with an "S" on the bottom. Similar design to a water set made by Westmoreland of the same name.

Basketweave, Fenton -

Beaded Melon Rib, Fenton -

Beaded Melon, Fenton - Fenton's pattern #7151, these 4-inch tall vases are shown in their 1993 catalog in this blue as well as lavender, light smoke and pink.

Bird of Paradise, Fenton - Another of Fenton's vase with a ground top. This in green.

Block and Daisy, Imperial - These 5 1/4 inch tall vases appear to have been made from a lamp shade mold. This one is pink and is marked LIG. Made between 1978 and 1982. Also known in ice blue (Horizon Blue), made 1979-1980.

Boxed Star, Imperial - An extremely rare contemporary vase. It's blue (Aurora Jewels) and 6 1/8 inches tall. Imperial never put this piece into full production as it was so difficult to get out of the mold. Shown in a 1904 US Glass catalog. Illinois pattern. Bottom of a covered Straw Jar.

Bouquet, Fenton - The shape is reminiscent of a rosebowl but this is considered a vase possibly because it is larger. Found in an Indigo Blue color with marigold iridescence and also in pink.

Bow and Drape, Fenton - Found in various colors and marked "Fenton". Named for the bow at the neck of the vase.

Cactus, Fenton - Levay had Fenton and others make various Cactus pieces including this vase. The tops may be shaped differently.

Chrysanthemum Planter, Fenton - Fenton referred to this piece simply as a hexagonal bowl. Carnival collectors call it Chrysanthemum planter. Found in purple or black amethyst. From a Verlys mold.

Circles - Fenton, - This vase is marked with Fenton's capital "F" in script noting it is not an original Fenton mold. Eleven inches tall and in purple.

Corn vase, Imperial, Smith - Part of Imperial's Aurora Jewels line (a deep blue iridized glass). Imperial also made them in green, marigold and smoke. Smith apparently acquired the mold and made them in pink, purple, red and white.

Cornicopia vase, Fenton - Amethyst Cornucopia vase was made in 2004. Approximately 7" tall and 5 1/2" wide.

Daffodil, Fenton -Somewhat confusing as collectors know both this and the next vase by the same name, Daffodil. The bulbous style here was Fenton's #9752, shown in red in a 1990-91 catalog. Note that this style comes in two sizes.

Daffodil, Fenton -Somewhat confusing as collectors know both this and the previous vase by the same name, Daffodil. These vases come in several colors including red, blue, a SDSCCGC souvenir, amber and amethyst.

Daisy, Imperial - These vases were made only in amber and from the basket mold without the handle. Supposedly only 6 or 12 were made in amber for Rose Presznick.

Daisy and Button, Smith - Made in several colors including this amberina, ice blue and amethyst. Made as a replacement for the Ohio Star vase sent to customers in error. This heavy vase is 10 inches tall.

Daisy and Button, Fenton - This vase is made by Fenton and is nine inches tall. It is in the Daisy and Button pattern and is shaped into a "fan" vase.

Diamond and Sunburst, Smith - In July 1971, Smith introduced 11 carnival glass items including this #3403 vase in a Sandwich pattern. It is said that only 75 were made before being dropped due to production issues. The glass is amethyst.

Diamond Lace, L.E. Smith - Here is a whimsey vase in white made from a bowl with a 4-inch base. It measures 13 inches at the tallest, and 7 inches at the front. This vase is marked with an "S" for Smith.

Diamond Point Columns, Fenton - Made from the original mold by Fenton. These have about a 4-inch base and range from around 14 to 16 1/2 inches tall. The 8255 CN "Swung" vase first appeared in the 1971-1972 Fenton catalog in amethyst.

Diamond and Rib, Fenton - Fenton first reissued its Diamond and Rib vases in amethyst in the 1970s. The jack-in-the-pulpit example was made for the 1994 ICGA convention. Heights of the standard vases is usually about 12 inches tall though they vary between 11 and 17 inches. The standard vases come in amethyst, blue, or red.

Diamond Lace, Fenton - Fenton made this single lily Diamond Lace epergne vase. It is in amethyst glass. It is 10 inches tall with the lily. The bottom is marked Fenton.

Dolphins - While these are marked WG, implying Westmoreland, no reference to them in Lorraine Kovar's books on Westmoreland can be found. They are found in amethyst.

Drama (Masque), Imperial -A squared-off vase about 8 1/2 inches tall. Two sides have a sort of devil's head with horns; the other two a floral design. Found mostly in marigold (Rubigold--1967-1972), smoke (Peacock--1965-1972) and ice blue (Azure Blue--1968-1973).

Drapery (Curtains), Fenton - While not quite the same as the original Northwood pattern there is enough similarity to fool the newer or occasional collector. Found in a number of shapes including bowls, baskets, vases and rosebowls. Colors include, aqua opal, blue opal, green opal, peach opal, purple and plum opal. The pattern is called Curtains by collectors of contemporary Carnival.

Elete, Westmoreland - This 7 inch tall vase is marked on the bottom Westmoreland and has a sticker. It is a red opaque color. It is etched on the bottom "183/1000 83" so it is a Levay piece from 1983. Also known in purple.

Elite, Fenton - These 8 1/2 inch vases are shown in Fenton's 1993 catalog as their number 6564. The pattern consists of fans and pillow-shaped elements that are against a fine cut background. They have the Fenton mark, a script "F" in an oval, that indicates the mold was acquired from someone else, possibly Westmoreland. Found in various colors.

Empress, Fenton - Made by Fenton using one of the Verlys molds. Similar to the Mandarin vase also shown here. The vase is about 8 inches tall.

Faberge, Fenton - Fenton vase in amethyst. Faberge was also made in a bell and a rosebowl.

Fan, Fenton - Fenton vase in red.

Fine Rib, Mosser - Made by Mosser Glass using the mold for Fenton's mid-size Fine Rib vase. Marked "SSS" for Scott and Suzanne Sheffield who bought the mold after Fenton closed in 2011.

Flute and Cane, Imperial - Flute and Cane was an Imperial classic era pattern although the vase was not made in carnival at the time. 6 1/4 inches tall in amethyst and marked LIG.

Four Seventy Four - Imperial reissued Four Seventy Four in a number of shapes, including the vase in red. There are no old 474 vases in this shape nor in red. After Imperial, Fenton acquired the mold and made some Fenton marked vases.

Frosted Block, Imperial - Imperial made this vase in the Meadow Green in 1980-81, pink in 1978-82, and amethyst in 1981. It is called a Variant because, unlike Imperial's original Frosted Block, this pattern does not have the stippling within the squares. This amethyst one is marked ALIG.

Gothic Arches, Imperial - The reissues seem to be as scarce as the classic era vases. Re-issued in ice blue, marked on the interior of the base with an IG and Sunburst Yellow, marked similarly with an ALIG. This yellow vase is 9 3/4 inches and they are known to be swung to 14 inches tall. The bases are 4 inches across.

Grape, Fenton - This is a rare Fenton Grape vase with a ground top. It appears in the 2011 Fenton catalog which is the last year Fenton was open. It is 7 1/4 inches tall and in green glass. It has a flat ground top.

Grape, Imperial - This is Imperial's Grape decanter with a ruffled top so it would be considered a vase. Imperial made several shapes using it's classic era molds.

Grape and Cable, Northwood Art Glass - These vases were an attempt by decendents of Harry Northwood to resurrect the Northwood Glass Company.

Hand vase, Fenton - These small vases, 3 3/4 inches tall, were shown in Fenton's 1999 catalog in Spruce Green but are found in several colors. Their mold number is 5153.

Hand with Horn, Fenton - .

Heavy Iris - Fenton made vases from the pitcher (leaving off the handle). These were marketed by Singleton Bailey. These can be found in amethyst, black, blue, red and vaseline opal.

Heritage, Fenton - Lavender color vase by Fenton. Also found in red.

Hobstar, Fenton - These vases were also made in pitchers which were advertised in Fenton's catalogs in this Spruce Green in 1999 and in Plum Carnival in 1997.

Hobstar Nucut, Imperial - Except for the IG mark on the base, these vases are virtually identical to the originals and much more readily found. These reissues are found in green, marigold and smoke.

Hobnail Bud vase, Fenton - Fenton made various bud vases in a variety of colors and sizes. Shown here is a Hobnail pattern.

Hobnail, Fenton - Fenton made various shapes using the hobnail pattern including two different vase shapes.

Hobnail, Fenton - Here is another Fenton Hobnail vase made in another shape in a light green opal color.

Indiana Heirloom - These Indiana Glass vases are usually swung out to 10 or 11 inches. Mostly in red but also found in amethyst.

Inverted Floral, Fenton -

Inverted Strawberry, Fenton -

Jonquil, Imperial - The shape is reminiscent of Imperial's better known vase, Drama. This one, though, is just 6 1/2 inches tall. Older reference material says that these vases were made only in purple in 1981, but this one is in smoke (Peacock).

La Bella Rose, Imperial - Imperial's pattern #181, the 6 1/2 inch La Bella Rose vase was made in marigold (Rubigold--1967-1972) and smoke (Peacock--1965-1972).

Lace, Imperial -This vase is Imperial's #536 and is found in white and marigold as well as the smoke shown. These are 6 inches tall. This vase was not made during the classic Carnival era.

Laced Edge, Imperial - A fairly common contemporary Imperial item in marigold (Rubigold). They're 4 3/4 inches tall and were also made in smoke (Peacock).

Lance, Fenton - Fenton made this vase in blue and other colors from a Verlys of America mold.

Leaf, Imperial and Smith - Imperial made this vase in cobalt (Aurora Jewels as shown on left) between 1970 and 1972, and is marked IG . Smith had made this vase since then in amethyst and white and perhaps other colors.

Lead Crystal, L. E. Smith - This white iridized vase is 5.5 inches tall and has a sticker that reads "Lead Crystal LE Smith". Mold is from US Glass in their Illinois pattern.

Lily of the Valley, Fenton - Antoher Fenton bud vase. This one in the Lily of the Valley pattern. 9 1/2 inches tall and in amethyst. Marked Fenton on the bottom.

Lily of the Valley, Summit - Although the vases in this pattern may have a Westmoreland mark, they were not made by Westmoreland. They were probably made by Summit. Seen in amethyst, plum opal, blue, and other colors.

Loganberry, Imperial - Above is the small Loganberry vase, about 6 1/2 inches tall. These are found in ice green, Aurora Jewels (cobalt) and white as shown. Both this and the larger size are referred to as Loganberry.

Loganberry, Imperial - Above is the larger Loganberry vase, about 8 1/2 inches tall. These are found in ice green, pink, Aurora Jewels (cobalt) and white. To the left is a classic era vase in amber and to the right is a contemporary vase in white.

Lovebirds, Fenton -This planter or vase is another one made from a purchased Verlys mold and is Fenton's pattern number 8258. It measures 6 1/2 inches wide, 3 inches deep, and 4 3/4 inches tall and was produced in purple in 1974.

Lustre Rose, Imperial - These vases were swung from the Lustre Rose tumbler. It is made in Imperial's pink and marked on the bottom "LIG".

Mary Dugan - These were made from the same mold as the original Dugan Mary Ann vases and fool a lot of collectors. The originals were made only in marigold and amethyst. Unfortunately, these contemporary versions are also found in amethyst, in addition to red and blue.

Mandarin, Fenton - Made in several carnival colors as well as in non-carnival glass. The vases are 10 inches tall. These vases were made from molds purchased from Verlys of America.

Mayflower, Fenton - A blue Fenton vase featuring a sailing ship. This vase is one in a series of vases with a ground top rim.

Mermaid planter, Fenton - A dramatic and desirable 7-inch tall planter from Fenton. Made from a Verlys mold and first issued in amethyst in 1970-1972. Made in celeste blue during the 1990s and pink opal in 2001.

Milady, Fenton - Vases were made by Fenton for Singleton Bailey and are found in red and blue.

"Mitered Ovals," Fenton - Called "Mitered Ovals" because it reminds people of a Millersburg's pattern by that name. Fenton only identifies it by the number 3264. The mold dates from 1955-1957 when it was made in uniridized turquoise. These purple or black amethyst versions were made for QVC in 1993. They are about 11 1/2 inches tall.

Moon and Star, Fenton - This Hunter Green vase was produced in early 2004 by Fenton.

Morning Glory, Imperial - Similar to the classic era Morning Glory vases, by Imperial also, this vase is in Imperial's Horizon Blue. It is 12 inches tall.

Octagon, Imperial - Similar to the Lace Vase, by Imperial also, this vase is taller at 8 inches. It is found only in red and pink.

Ohio Star, Smith - About the same size and shape as Millersburg's much more desirable vases, these have a whirling star and a sawtooth edge on the base. Found in blue, ice blue, purple, white and probably other colors. Made by Smith Glass using an old McKee mold called "Nortec".

Orchid, Fenton - These vases are found in this red and amethyst. Sometimes called Daffodil. Vase has a ground top.

Old Virginia Glass, Fenton - These vases are Fenton but made under the "Old Virginia Glass" label. Always in amethyst.

Panelled Grape - The thinner vase is in teal glass and is marked by Fenton. The Green Opal vase is marked Mosser.

Paneled Bud Vase, Fenton - This 9 inch tall bud vase in amethyst is made by Fenton. It is marked "Fenton" on the bottom.This vase appeared in the 1977-78 Fenton catalog.

Parrot, Fenton - This 12 inch tall vase in green is made by Fenton. It is blown molded and has a ground top.

Patriot Planter, Fenton - Fenton made seveal shapes in iridized blue to commemorate the US Bicentennial including this planter.

Peacock and Ferns, Fenton - Fenton made these large vases. They are 15 inches tall and feature a single Peacock on one side. This vase is green and is blown molded with a ground top.

Peacocks, Fenton - Fenton made these vases during the classic era, but they are very rare. The reissues, beginning in the 1970s in amethyst, are fairly easy to find. They can be 8.5 or 10 inches tall. They are made in several colors including blue, green, ice green, pink opal and red. Fenton made them in other colors such as green opal, milk glass, and teal for Singleton Bailely.

Poppy Show vases - Originally part of the Imperial line, Imperial reproduced the pattern in several of their colors and these should be marked with the IG logo. Fenton then reproduced the vase in a number of colors for Singleton Bailey, who marketed them to collectors.

Rambler Rose, Fenton - This bulbous vase has a Fenton sticker. It is in red glass. It is made from the mold used for the water pitcher.

Raspberry, Fenton - This tall and slender vase has a Fenton sticker. It is in red glass.

Rose, Fenton - Fenton made this 9 inch tall vase. They are not frequently found. This vase is in red and is marked "Fenton".

Roses, Fenton - Fenton made this 6 1/2 inch tall three part molded vase. They are not frequently found. This vase has three columns of roses, is in purple and is marked "Fenton".

Ripple, Imperial - Imperial reissued its popular Ripple vases, made from the original molds with 3 or 4 inch bases. The only colors known are marigold, pink and smoke. All of these shown have the 4 inch base. The pink is marked LIG, the others IG.

Scroll Embossed, Fenton - Fenton refers to this vase simply as #9155, but it reminds people of Imperial's Scroll Embossed pattern. These were first made in amethyst Carnival from 1975 to 1979 and have since been issued in cobalt and red. Heights vary between about 7 inches and 8 inches.

Scroll and Flower Panels, Imperial - Most of these reissues have the tops flared out (but some have the top cupped in as in the classic versions) and an IG mark on the inside bottom. The contemporary examples are known in marigold and smoke, though other colors may exist.

Stretch, Fenton - These 8 1/2 inch tall vases are actually Stretch Glass. MAde by Fenton in red.

Sundial, Imperial - These 5-inch vases in cobalt (Imperial's Aurora Jewels) are quite hard to find. The color was made between 1970 and 1972.

Sunflower, Imperial - This 6-inch tall red vase has an IG mark on the exterior base.

Swans, Fenton - Made by Fenton in several colors including cased glass.

Three Swans, Fenton - Made by Fenton for Singleton Bailey. In red, it is signed "DSB" on the bottom.

Three Swans, Imperial - A fairly scarce Imperial piece. These interesting 9-inch vases were made only in Aurora Jewels (cobalt) from 1970 to 1972.

Thumbprint and Ovals, Fenton - Using the original Imperial mold, Fenton made these 5 1/2 inch tall vases. Aqua opal and peach opal versions were made for the Lincoln-Land club in the late 1990s as souvenirs; sapphire blue was made for ICGA in 1989. Fenton calls the pattern Flute and Dot (#9050).

Tricorn, Imperial - Apparently these vases were difficult to get out of the mold, so they often have manufacturing flaws. They were made in marigold (Rubigold--1965-1972) and smoke (Peacock--1965-1972). This vase appears in the 1904 US Glass catalog.

Love Birds, Fenton - One of several vases made by Fenton that are blown molded and has a top opening that is ground.

Tulip, Fenton - Made by Fenton in 2004, these amethyst vases are 8 1/2 inches tall.

Twisted Rib, Fenton - This vase was made in a limited quantity for FAGCA's Plant Tour in 1986. The vase is 7 1/4 inches tall.

Two Handled, Fenton - This vase in a stretchy red color is made from a Stretch Glass mold previously made in the classic era by Imperial Glass.

Vessel of Gems, Fenton - Made from a mold purchased from Verlys. The vase is in red, is 6 3/8 inches tall and 7 inches across the top.

Waffleblock, Imperial - These are Imperial's Waffleblock vases. Imperial made other items in this "marigold over milkglass" iridescence.

Wavecrest, Fenton - Wavecrest vases typically have the JIP shaped tops. This is 7.5 inches tall and in black amethyst.

Whirling Star, Smith - Made by L. E. Smith Glass in several colors. These are marked with Smith's capital "S" on the bottom. This vase is only a little over six inches tall.

Wild Rose, Fenton - This Fenton vase is 7 inches tall and has both a ruffled and crimped top edge. Found in several colors.

Wild Rose with Bowknot, Fenton -