New Northwood Art Glass Company
These 8-inch tall vases were commissioned by David McKinley in 1998. McKinley, a Northwood family descendant, wished to recreate the Northwood Glass Company. He had Island Mould Company make the mould and the Fenton factory was used to make the glass. The vases had three versions of the tops, two of which are shown above, Flared Up, Flared Out and Cupped In. These vases are signed "Northwood", in script, on the bottom.

They were made in several color and iridescence combinations:

1) Cobalt Blue with overall iridescence (first photo)
2) Cobalt Blue with the iridescence sand blasted off the background (third photo)
3) Plum with overall iridescence (second photo)
4) Plum with the iridescence sand blasted off the background
5) Crystal un-iridized
6) Crystal with the iridescence sandblasted off the grapes, leaves and base. (fourth photo)

In 1999, Fenton was used again to press a blue compote with a dolphin foot. This piece is signed "Northwood", in script, followed by "AG" on the bottom. It is an original Northwood mold as seen below. Although the Northwood Art Glass Co did plan to make other shapes, they did not survive long and these are the only two pieces they ultimately made.