Club Souvenirs
Several, but not all, of the Carnival Glass clubs have had Fenton and others make souvenirs for the club to sell at their conventions. The piece may have a club name or initials and date moulded into the piece or the piece may simply have the club's name painted/enameled onto the piece. Some clubs used stickers on the piece to show that it was a convention souvenir.

Here are links to those clubs known to have had souvenirs made:

American Carnival Glass Association (ACGA)
Australian Carnival Enthusiasts Association (ACE)
Canadian Carnival Glass Association (CCGA)
Collectible Carnival Glass Association (CCGA)
Encore Glass Club - Dorothy Taylor
Dayton (Ohio) Carnival Glass Club
Gateway Carnival Glass Club
Heart of America Carnnival Glass Association (HOACGA)
Hoosier (Indiana) Carnival Glass Club
International Carnival Glass Association (ICGA)
Keystone Carnival Glass Club (KCGC)
Lincoln Land Carnival Glass Club (LLCGC)
Nations Capital Carnival Glass Club (NCCGC)
Northern California Carnival Club (NCCC)
Pacific Northwest Carnival Glass Club (PNWCGC)
San Diego County Carnival Glass Collectors Club (SDCCGC)
Society of Carnival Glass Collectors (SCGC)
Southern California Carnival Glass Collectors Club (SCCGCC)
Sunshine State Carnival Glass Association (SSCGA)
The Carnival Glass Society (U.K.) (CGS)
Texas Carnival Glass Club (TCGC)
Woodsland World Wide Carnival Glass Association (WWW.CGA)

Here are some non-carnival glass clubs that issued carnival glass souvenirs:

Fenton Art Glass Collectors of America
National Fenton Glass Society
Fenton Finders Of Greater Kansas City
National Cambridge Collectors Inc.

In 1999, Diane Rosington wrote a book on club souvenirs,
please see the book here.