International Carnival Glass Association Souvenirs
ICGA was formed in Indianapolis in 1967. On July 10, 11, 12 of that year the group establishing ICGA met at the Holiday Inn Northwest in Indianapols with over 150 present. The second convention, in 1968, marked the issuance of the first convention souvenir. It was a china plate. Mary McCaslin had designed it and it featured a Town Pump and a calendar entwined with ivy. On the back was the history of the I.C.G.A.'s first year.

Like other Carnival Glass clubs of the time, ICGA commissioned Carnival Glass makers to produce a variety of patterns for use as souvenirs. The list included all souvenirs but does not include whimsies or special runs sometimes made for the club and autioned off at that year's banquet.

ICGA had other carnival glass pieces made other than official souvenirs. These included favors and appreciation awards. See them here.

1968 - The first souvenir was not glass but a china plate. To see the back of the plate go here. 1969 - This bottle, or flask, was the first souvenir made in Carnival Glass for ICGA. It was made by Wheaton Glass in New Jersey. To see the back go here. 1970 - Milwaukee Ashtray, amber
1971 - Louisville Paperweight, purple
1972 - Rochester NY Plate, 7 inch, honey amber or light marigold
L. E. Smith made the next three souvenir nine inch plates using their open edge border mold. The center of each reflects the location of that year's convention.
1973 - Columbus OH - Light Amethyst
1974 - Des Moines IA - Amethyst
1975 - Allentown PA - Red/Amberina
1976 - Blue Picture Frame with an Iris pattern border. The back reads: "I.C.G.A. 10th Anniversary Indianapolis, Indiana 1976 J.ST.C."
JSTC stands for Joesph St Clair Company. The frame is eight inches square.
The 1977 through 1980 souvenirs all used the same mold to produce these 4 1/4 inch tall replicas of Northwood's Town Pump. Each is marked on the bottom with "ICGA and the year of the convention. Respectively, they are red (Marietta, GA), green (Ft. Mitchell, KY), amethyst (St. Louis, MO) and marigold (Toledo, OH).
In 1981, ICGA began making the famous Frolicking bears spitton souvenirs.
1981 - LaCrosse, Wis., aqua opal
1982 - Elkhart, IN, red
1983 - St Louis, MO, topaz opal
1984 - Lions Rosebowl in amethyst was made for the convention in Ft. Mitchell, KY. The exterior of the rosebowl is the Orange Tree pattern 1985 - Cedar Rapids, IA. The souvenir is the miniature peacocks water set also used by the Encore Club in 1977. The pitcher is 3 1/4" tall and the tumblers are 2" tall. A paper label is used at the bottom of the pitcher. See it here.
1986 - Indianapolis, IN, green opal rosebowl. The bottom notes that it is the 20th anniversary.
1987 - St Louis, MO, green decorated pitcher. The pitcher is 5 1/2 inches tall.
1988 - LaCrosse, WI, topaz opal Open Edge handled basket.
1989 - Elkhart, IN, blue Thumbprint & Ovals vase, "Designed and hand painted by Linda Everson"
1990 - Cedar Rapids, IA, green decorated covered compote
1991 - St. Louis, MO, French Opal Melon Rib pitcher, decorated
1992 - Minneapolis, MN, green dome footed Lions plate. The plate is nine inches across and has no exterior pattern.
1993 - Indianapolis, IN, amber Frolicking Bears tumbler
1994 - Schaumburg, Il, red Diamond & Rib JIP vase
1995 - Dallas TX, celeste blue Acanthus plate
1996 - Lansing, MI, green Grape & Cable 6-inch plate
1997 - Dayton, OH, plum opal Frolicking Bears vase/tumbler
1998 - Kansas City, MO, green opal Frolicking Bears spittoon
1999 - Schaumburg, IL, green Santa Claus. The santa is hollow, although still heavy, and is marked on the inside.
2000 - Des moines, IA, blue Melon Rib vase
2001 through 2005 again used the Frolicking Bears spittoon souvenir:
2001 - Indianapolis, IN, vaseline opal
2002 - St. Louis, MO, JIP vase, red
2003 - Indianapolis, IN, JIP vase, emerald green
2004 - St. Louis, MO, blue
2005 - Indianapolis, IN, amethyst
For 2006 and 2007, ICGA again used the miniature Town Pump as its souvenir.
2006 - Cedar Rapids, IA, burmese
2007 - Indianapolis, IN, aqua opal
It was not until 2017 that another ICGA souvenir was produced. This time, Mosser Glass in Cambridge Ohio made a Christmas Compote using the original Dugan mold. One hundred of these emerald green compotes were made for ICGA's 50th anniversary. Again in 2018, Mosser used the original Dugan mold to make a Christmas Compote for the ICGA souvenir. This time ninety were made in Mosser's sapphire blue opal. Pictured above are whimsies. The 1994 JIP vase has had a handle added. The 1990 town pump miniature has had its spout and handle removed and its rim flared. Whimsies were sold at banquets and are often not documented as to how many were made and what shapes they took.
For more information on ICGA convention souvenirs,

see Diane Rosington's book entitled "Carnival Glass Club Commemoratives 1964-1999".

see Lloyd Reichel's book entitled "Modern Carnival Glass Collectors Book II".