L. E. Smith Glass Company - Jeannette, Pennsylvania
The company was established in 1907 in Jeannette, PA and is known for producing the first headlight lens for the Model T Ford. In 1975 the company was purchased by Owens-Illinois, Inc. Smith was operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Smith bought many molds from Mckee in the 1950s including several "tec" patterns. They also bought molds from Imperial Glass when they closed in 1981.

During the 1970s and 80s, Smith made various items in carnival glass treatments including plates, club souvenirs, novelties and bicentennial items. Their pieces are often marked with a Capital S with a smaller "G" in the top portion of the S and a smaller "C" in the bottom portion of the S.

L.E. Smith made carnival glass in several colors including amethyst, Crystal Lustre (white), Gold (amber), green and red.

L.E. Smith Glass Company closed in 2004 due to bankruptcy.

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Other carnival glass made by L. E. Smith:

Angel Candlesticks
Ballerina Tray
Bicentennial Items
Cameo Covered Jar
Christmas Plates
Goose Girl
Open Edge Plates
Leaf Vases
Moon and Star
Ohio Star Vase
Roses in Snow
Slewed Horseshoe
Covered Turkey
Whirling Star Vase