Contemporary Carnival Glass Bowls and Rosebowls

Acanthus Leaf, Imperial - These were first made in 1968 in Sunset Ruby (red), pink, Meadow Green (ice green), purple and yellow. The bowls vary in width from about 7 inches to almost 9.

Aztec, Fenton - These are made from the same mold as one is ruffled and the other formed into a spittoon.

Beaded Flower, Fenton - This banana boat on domed foot shape was made from the base of the fairy light. Other shapes made include a compote and a flattened plate.

Black Eyed Susan, Imperial - Imperial made this large red bowl. The pattern is on the exterior. The rim has open lace work.

Butterflies, Fenton - Looking very much like the original Butterflies bonbon, these amethyst reissues could fool even the knowledgeable collector were it not for the Fenton mark. Also found in ice blue and red.

Butterfly and Tulip, Fenton - These are made with a diamond pattern exterior rather than Inverted Fan and Feather. A bowl in black glass and treated with the marigold spray and a true marigold were part of Fenton's Landmark collection sold on QVC during 2005. On the underside of the marie these bowls were inscribed with the signature of Frank M. Fenton and the Landmark collection backstamp. Other colors reported include green, lavender, purple, red and sapphire blue.

Carolina Dogwood, Fenton - Probably made from the original Westmoreland mold, these Fenton reissues are found in ruffled bowls in purple and red. They're actually quite scarce.

Cherries - Similar to the collar-based Dugan Cherries bowls. This one is 7 1/4 inches across and has the same pattern on the interior as well as the Jeweled Heart pattern on the exterior. Probably made by Wright. There is no mark.

Cherry and Cable, Mosser - This is the large bowl of a berry set. Mosser made other shapes, typically all in purple.

Curtains, Fenton - While not quite the same as the original Northwood Drapery pattern as this one has three scroll feet. Found in a number of shapes including bowls, baskets and rosebowls. Colors include, aqua opal, blue opal, green opal, peach opal, purple and plum opal. The pattern is called Curtains by collectors of contemporary Carnival.

Daisy and Button, Smith - These bowls are made by Smith, apparently from the same mold as their covered bowls.

Daisy and Button Fernery, L. E. Smith - This red ferner is marked with L. E. Smith's capital "S". It is 7 1/2 inches across.

Daisy and Button, Fenton - Daisy and Button was made by several makers and in various shapes. This bowl is 11 inches from handle to handle and is unmarked.

Dancing Nymph, Mosser - This amethyst bowl is 7 1/2 inches across the top and reportedly made by Mosser but it is unmarked. The interior is plain but the exterior is ringed with nymphs dancing or playing an instrument.

Diamond Lace, Imperial - Diamond Lace is a classic era Imperial pattern made into various shaped bowls in the contemporary era.

Doltec, Fenton - This two handled bon-bon is made from a mold acquired from McKee Glass and is one of the "Tec" patterns.

Double Duce, Imperial - Made only in red (Sunset Ruby) by Imperial from 1968 to 1973 and found with a variety of edge treatments. They're quite rare.

Empress Lotus, Fenton - A Fenton pattern in the shape of a rose bowl. Often found on a metal stand.

Faberge, Fenton - A Fenton pattern of vertical stripes with every third stripe textured. Also found in a fairy light and a bell.

Fantail Fenton - These contemporary Fantail bowls measure about 9 inches and are seen in blue and red as well as the amethyst shown here. The exterior is Butterfly and Berry. Some were made by Fenton for Singleton Bailey.

Farmyard, MIMI and Singleton Bailey - Both retailers emplyed Fenton to make these Farmyard bowls. MIMI created the new Farmyard mold but it was soon acquired by Singleton Bailey. See an article on contemporary Farmyard items from the December 1993 CCGA newsletter.

Fenton's Flowers, Fenton - From the same mold as the original. Known in various colors including red, green, purple and plum opal. These are also found with the Lions interior.

Fine Cut and Grapes, Fenton - Were it not for the Fenton logo on the bottom, one might think these an old Northwood Fine Cut and Roses pattern. The pattern, size, and shape are similar, but this one has grapes rather than roses. The rosebowls are khown in amethyst and red. Fenton made 1000 of the red spittoons for Levay. Also made in vaseline opal as a Texas souvenir.

Fish Bowl, Fenton - Made from a Verlys mold, the bowl has a plain interior and three fish swimming around the exterior. The fish are a carp, a perch and a sturgeon. Measures 3 5/8" high x 8 1/4" in diameter.

Fruits Banana Boat, Indiana - Without doubt, the most frequently seen piece on ebay. Twelve inches long and found in Indiana's blue (most often seen), green, and amber.

Frank Fenton Rosebowl, Fenton - To celebrate Frank Fenton's 85th birthday, Fenton made a Holly plate in red which is marked on the bottom to note Frank's 85th. However; here is one shaped into a rosebowl, possibly the only one known. See the invitation to Frank's Birthday party here.

Fruits and Flowers, Fenton - This amethyst bonbon is shown in a 1973 Fenton catalog, though this example has no mark, others are marked Fenton. Note how the handles seem to be partly filled in, a possible way to tell these from the originals. Also known in amberina.

Good Luck, Fenton - Fenton created a new Good Luck mold to make ruffled bowls in several colors, including this lavender. Fenton also used this mold to make green ruffled bowls for Singleton Bailey.

Grape, Imperial - Imperial made many shapes in its Classic Era Grape pattern. L. E. Smith obtained molds for various Imperial bowls, like Open Rose, and made them.

Grape and Cable, Fenton - Fenton used the base of the Northwood Grape and Cable humidor to make a variety of shapes. In addition to ruffled bowls there are handled baskets, spittoons, humidors, and vases.

Grape and Cable, L. G. Wright - The larger banana boat is the same size and dimension as the classic era Northwood piece. The larger piece is marked with Wright's "W", while the smaller berry bowl is unmarked.

Grape Delight, Mosser - Mosser was determined to have made these fake Grape Delight bowls with a fake Northwood mark. Dugan made them in the classic era.

Hattie, Imperial - This is the same pattern as Imperial's classic era Hattie bowl but in the contemporary piece only the exterior has the pattern. The interior is plain. Here in Imperial's pink. Photo courtesy of Burns Auctions.

Hearts and Flowers, Fenton - It doesn't look all that much like the Northwood classic pattern but it could still fool the newer collector. Notice the dome foot which Northwood did not employ with the pattern. Amethsyt and amberina in addition to the pictured 11 inch bowl in red have been reported. Should have the Fenton logo.

Heavy Grape, Fenton & Imperial - These could have been made with the original mold. Fenton made souvenir pieces in aqua opal for the Southern California club's 1996 convention and a round bowl in red that measures about 6 1/2 inches (above). It still has the Fenton sticker and clearly marked on the bottom. Fenton also made some plates. Lenox/Imperial also made bowls in pink, ice blue, and ice green that measure about 8 1/2 inches across. Smith apparently acquired the large mold and made bowls in amethyst, green and perhaps other colors.

Heirloom, Indiana - Seen almost as often as the Harvest pattern, Indiana's Heirloom is their version of a cut-style pattern. Mostly seen in red but occasionally in purple.

Hobnail, Fenton - Fenton made many shapes in the Hobnail pattern including this Banana Boat for Levay.

Hobstar and Arches, Fenton and Mosser - These bowls with straight up sides were first made by Fenton and then by Mosser after they acquired the mold. This is Mosser's marigold and it is marked with an "M" outlined in the state of Ohio. Levay had Fenton make some in aqua Opal and other colors are known.

Holly, Fenton - This bowl is in aqua opal. Amethyst, green, green opal, pink opal, plum opal and purple opal are also known in these bowls apparently made from the original molds. Fenton made bowls in Seamist Opal for QVC in 1992 and in teal in 2001 as a "Museum Piece." Some bowls are found with an attached handle to form a basket.

Iceberg, Summit - Made by Summit from an old Cambridge mold. Not marked but it is etched on the bottom "Summit Art Glass #XX of 100". It is 8 inches across and in purple.

Innovation, Fenton - This Fenton pattern comes in this rosebowl, a handled basket and a compote. The color of this rosebowl is a light amethyst.

Iris, Imperial - This Imperial pattern comes in large and small bowls as well has a small candle holder. The Iris pattern is on the outside and the interior has no pattern. The small bowl here, in Aurura Jewels, is marked on the inside with an "IG".

Leaf Chain, Fenton - Made from a classic era Fenton mold, however, classic era pieces are not found with the three feet. Made in purple.

Leaf Tiers, Fenton - Made from a classic era Fenton mold, this was one of Fenton's first contmporary pieces and as such, some may have been made without the Fenton oval mark. Made in purple.

Lily of the Valley, Fenton - Fenton made several shapes in the Lily of the Valley pattern including this rosebowl.

Lions, Fenton - Although much like the original Lions pattern on the interior, the new Lions has three twig feet and the Orange Tree exterior like the Fenton's Flowers rosebowl.

Octagon, Imperial - Octagon reissues are seen in several shapes, including the 8-10 inch bowls. The bowl shown is smoke (Peacock), but also found in marigold (Rubigold), red, Azure Blue, amber, and white.

Open Edge, Fenton - Fenton made several shapes in this very popular Classic Era pattern.

Open Rose, Imperial - Imperial made many shapes in its Classic Era Open Rose pattern. Some in old molds and some, like this small bowl in new molds. L.E.Smith acquired the molds and made bowls which are marked. Fenton then acquired these molds.

Palm Beach, Fenton - Made by Fenton and signed "2006 Levay". Photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions.

Pansy, Imperial and Wright - Imperial/Lenox reissued these 9" bowls in amethyst in 1981. They're quite rare. Imperial also reissued the single-handle nappies in marigold, smoke, ice blue, yellow, pink, amber, white, and helios green. Oval bowls (relish dishes) were reissued in marigold, smoke, ice blue, amber, white, and helios green.

Peacock and Dahlia, Fenton - Fenton used this pattern for their classic era glass as well as in plates made for the 1991 HOACGA souvenir (in red). Here it is as a 6-inch ruffed sauce in marigold, apparently made in the 2000's as it is marked with the oval "F" and number "0."

Peacock Tail and Daisy, Fenton - Fenton made the bowls in this classic era Westmoreland pattern. Levay had previously had made the chop plates.

Pinwheel, L. E. Smith - This is a heavy bowl with thick glass. Fenton made a compote in the same pattern. This bowl is 7 1/2 inches across and is unmarked. This is found in amethyst, ice blue and teal, as well as, other colors.

Plytec, Fenton - Fenton made several shapes in the Plytec pattern including this rosebowl on a metal stand. On of the Mckee moulds purchased by Fenton.

Pond Lily, Fenton - Fenton made several shapes in the Pond Lily pattern including this red spittoon shaped rosebowl.

Pony, LG Wright and Levay - Levay reissued the Pony items in a variety of shapes and contemporary colors including this one in red with ruffled and crimped edges which was made in 2004 and numbered 9/100.

Poppy, Fenton - Fenton reissued the Northwood poppy pickle dishes. In amethyst, they are found fairly easily. They will be marked with the oval Fenton logo.

Poppy, Fenton - Fenton also made this rosebowl with a poppy motif. Found in varioius colors. They will be marked with the oval Fenton logo.

Ram's Head Bowl, Imperial - Only in cobalt (Aurora Jewels). The bowls are quite large, about 9 inches. They're occasionally found with candlesticks in a console set of the three pieces.

Scroll Embossed, Imperial - Often with excellent iridizing, these 9-inch bowls are found in ice blue, ice green, pink, and possibly amethyst. The examples are marked LIG, but the mark is so faint that it's more easily felt than seen.

Scroll and Pillar Flute, Imperial - Made by the "Save Imperial Committee". This sauce is marked with both an "IG" and "SIC".

Slewed Horseshoe, Smith/Rosso - It's found in purple in a flared bowl (about 11 inches) and rosebowl shape. It also appeared in a Rosso June 2004 catalog with the color listed as Hunter Green.

Starfire, Imperial - Similar to Fenton's Diamond and File in the classic era, this Imperial bowl, in Horizon Blue, is larger and has differences in the pattern. Limited to 2,500 pieces. A Certificate of Authenticity was numbered and given with each purchase.

Stork and Rushes, L.G. Wright - Wright reproduced water sets, table sets, and berry sets. Many of these were marked with the fake Northwood N mark.

Twins, Fenton - Twins is an Imperial classic era pattern, but here it is made and marked by Fenton in this purple rosebowl.

Unknown, Imperial - A contemporary Imperial bowl in smoke. The bowl is 8 inches across the top. Shown in Imperial catalogs of rubigold (marigold) and peacock (smoke) which they made in 1965-72 and of amber carnival glass which they made in 1973-75.

Unknown, L. E. Smith - A contemporary rosebowl in blue. The rosebowl is 5 inches tall. Although unmarked, it appears consistent with other L. E. Smith pieces.

Viking Boat, Fenton - Fenton's 7676 candlesticks were paired with their 7677 Viking Bowl to make a console set. Made in Plum Carnival in 1998.

Wavy Hobnail, Fenton - Pattern is similar to the Swirled Hobnail pattern made by Millersburg in the Classic Era. This rosebowl is made by Fenton in blue. Also made in a bell shape.

Wild Rose and Bowknot, Fenton - Pattern is found in other shapes including a water pitcher and a vase.

Windmill, Imperial and L.E. Smith - Bowls in smoke with a three-in-one edge will be Imperial. Ruffled Bowls in cobalt, light blue, pink, amethyst, and red were made by Smith and usually have the "S" mark on the base.