Contemporary Carnival Candlesticks and Candle Holders

Acanthus Leaf, Imperial - Imperial made bowls, covered pieces, candlesticks, a compote and mugs in the Acanthus Leaf pattern.

Angel, Unknown maker They are 8 inches tall and in red glass.

Angel, L.E. Smith They are clear iridized Carnival and about 5 inches tall with no markings. They can be found in many non-iridized colors.

Daisy and Button One of many shapes found in Daisy and Button. To accompany these candlestick, there is a console bowl. Also found in pink.

Dolphin, Imperial - These 9 1/2 inch tall candlesticks, in marigold, were made in a limited edition of 250 for Levay Glass. They were also made in pink in 1978 and Horizon Blue in 1979.

Dolphin, AA Imports - These 8 inch tall candlesticks, in a deep amethyst, were imported by AA Imports.

Double Scroll, Imperial - These short candlesticks, in Imperial's Sunburst Yellow are similar to the Stretch era Double Scroll console sets. They are marked with an "ALIG".

Fenton Dealer's Meeting - These blue candlesticks were made in a limited edition and handed out at the 2001 Fenton dealers' meeting. These candlesticks were made from molds purchased from Verlys of America. There was a matching bowl made by Verlys.

Florentine, Fenton - These Fenton Florentine candlesticks have the Fenton in an oval logo. These examples are 8 inches tall and are amber.

Imperial Grape - These Imperial candlesticks are part of an extensive line of grape pieces made using the classic era pattern. However, these candlesticks were not made in the classic era.

Flute and Cane - These Imperial candlesticks are part of an extensive line of Flute and Cane pieces made during the classic era. However, these candlesticks are contemporary as they are marked with the IG.

Indiana Harvest - These stemmed candlesticks are part of Indiana Glass's Harvest pattern.

Mini Candelabra, Westmoreland - This small three stick candelabra in cobalt blue is made from a Westmoreland mold but who actually made it is unknown.

Orange Tree, Fenton - These candlesticks are marked in the mold with Fenton in an oval.

Orange Tree, Fenton - This stemmed bowl includes holes for the placement of candles on the inside.

Pond Lily, Fenton - These candlesticks are found in this pink opal and are marked Fenton.

Ram's Head, Imperial - Paired with a Ram's Head bowl, these candlesticks form a console set.

Rose, Fenton -

Swan, Fenton - This is Fenton's mould number 5172. It first appeared in amethyst in their 1973 catalog. They are about 6 1/2 inches tall. Only known in amethyst. There is a matching bowl that when the three pieces are presented together form a console set.

Viking Boat, Fenton - Fenton's Dragon Boat bowl and these two matching candlesticks form this console set. Fenton's 7676 candlesticks were paired with their 7677 Viking Bowl to make a console set. Made in Plum Carnival in 1998.