Summit Art Glass Company - Akron, Ohio
In 1972, Russell Vogelsong and his wife JoAnn opened the Summit Art Glass Company in Akron, Ohio. They set about acquiring moulds from various other companies including St. Clair, Westmoreland, Imperial and Cambridge. Thus many small novelties, toothpicks, tumblers, etc, once made by others, are actually pieces made by Summit.

Summit would commission other glass companies to make glassware using these moulds. The glass was then sold through their gift shop attached to their house or through mail order catalogs.

Summit commissioned small novelty items in many different colors to be made, some of which were iridized. Pieces include a doll named Melanie, Oscar the Lion, a clown elephant, and the Little Women series.

After some time Summit wanted to expand their facilities so that they could press their own glass. In 1984, they opened a glass factory in Ravenna, Ohio

Some glass made for and by Summit was marked with a capital V in a circle for Vogelsong. However, Summit also made glass from acquired moulds without removing the old companies' marks. Thus glass marked Westmoreland may have been pressed by Summit.

Due to the passing of Russell in 2005, the factory closed in 2006.

The "Cat on a Hamper" is a replica of a Greentown Glass piece. It is made by Summit, although not marked. Summit made other Greentown replicas, such as the covered dolphin.
The pig is 4 inches from snout to tail and has the Summit "V" mark behind the rear left hoof. The frog is 3 inches tall and has a Summit sticker on the bottom. These are the two ways Summit marked their glass.
Other carnival glass made by Summit Art Glass:

Bicentennial Eagle
Bird in Cage
Bottoms Up Shot Glass
Buffalo Hunt
Cupid Plate
Covered Dolphin
Elks Watch
Fairy Tale Plate
Lily of the Valley vase
Little Joe water set
Owl covered jar
Penny Trust Co. box
Polar Bear
Singing Birds tumbler
Whale Fairy Lamp

Click here to view Summit's Road Salesman Catalog fo 1986.