Bird in Cage Covered Jar - Summit
This unusual 6-inch covered jar in amethyst has an distinctive mark--one that looks like a standard IG mark but with an accompanying backward "L" shape to the lower right. There was cosiderable discussion about this piece and its mark on the www.cga daily mailist during February and March of 2004. No one seemed able to come up with an answer to who might have produced these until Mitchel Stewart wrote in saying:

"The amethyst bird cage that is currently on ebay was made by Summit Art Glass (Russ Vogelsong) for a private vendor. I know that he also ran it in Vaseline for someone, but, I have not seen this yet. Summit has not made any glass since July due to a furnace problem and is still in the process of upgrading some of their equipment. So, we can assume they were made in early '03 which is the last time he made Vaseline glass items. I have this birdcage in a medium blue that is iridized. It has the embossed IG mark with the intaglio, left facing " L". I bought it at Summit. Russ told me that he got this mould at the LG Wright auction."