Contemporary Carnival Glass Paperweights

Apple Paperweight, St Clair and Gibson - Both St Clair and Gibson made these fruit paperweights. They are hand made and thus should be considered art glass.

Bicentennial Eagle, Fenton - One of several pieces made by Fenton to commemorate the American Bicentennial.

Bicentennial Eagle, Summit - These 4 1/2 tall paperweights have stars covering the dome of the base with the words "United States of America Bicentennial 1776-1976" just below. While not marked, some have a paper sticker that reads "Hand Pressed in U.S.A., Summit Art Glass." Some are marked as iridized by the Hansen brothers.

Bird, flying, Mosser - This cobalt bird in flight is 5 1/2 inches tall and has the Mosser "M" on the end of the stump between the bird's body and wing. This particular example was a table favor at the 1996 Great Lakes club convention banquet.

Bird, Mosser - This amethyst bird is 5 1/2 inches tall and unmarked but is thought to be by Mosser.

Buffalo - This cobalt blue Buffalo paperweight is unmarked but the maker is assumed to be Summit. Also found in amethyst, light green and roseline.

Cupid, St Clair and Summit - This ice blue paperweight is marked with Summit's "V" in a circle. Also found in this darker blue marked Joe ST. Clair.

Elephant Paperweight, Mosser - Mosser made these elephant paperweights. These are found in red and other colors. Marked "M" on the side of the base.

Elks Paperweight, Fenton - Fenton made these Elks paperweights, although it simulates the Millersburg original. These are found in red, amethyst and blue. Some amethyst pieces are marked "MIMI" on the back.

Elks Paperweight, St Clair - St Clair made these Elks 2.5 inch paperweights in red glass.

Fish, Fenton - Fenton first made these 5-inch tall paperweights in amethyst in 1970-1972 (item #5193). They have since made them in many other colors including blue, green, and red. Above is vaseline glass with a blue glass core.

Frog, Wheaton Glass - This green frog is unmarked but does have a paper label on the bottom that says "Wheaton Glass Handmade USA".

Glass Review - The publisher of "Glass Review", a glass magazine from the 1970s and 1980s, had these small paperweights made. Only a handful were ever made.

Happy Birthday America paperweight - Mosser made these small iridized paperweights. Each paperweight is approximately 2 1/2 inches across.

Haynes, St Clair - Made for a festival in Kokomo Ind, and celebrates Haynes - America's First Car.

Holly City paperweights - Wheaton, under the label "Holly City Bottle" made iridized paperweights with various symbols of the American Revolution on them. The paperweights were made in two colors; a light blue glass and a dark amethyst glass. Each paperweight is approximately 4 inches across and one inch deep.

Home Sweet Home paperweight - Mosser made these small paperweights. This one, in green, says Home Sweet Home and has a log cabin and a tree on it. It is 2 3/4 inches across..

ICGA disk paperweights - These 3 1/2 inch round paperweights were made during the late 1960s and the 1970s for ICGA. They say "In Appreciation International Carnival Glass Association" and were given out to attendees at conventions.

Jaws, Wheaton - Made by Wheaton Glass of New Jersey. This shark is in blue and is unmarked. Occasionally one is found with a paper label on the bottom stating that it is made by Wheaton.

Kokomo Glass - This paperweight is a solid piece of glass 4 1/2 inches across and one inch deep. It is unmarked and thus the maker is unknown. Kokomo Opalescent Glass (KOG) makes sheet glass for stained glass.

L.E. Smith Glass Tile - This tile or paperweight is a solid piece of glass 6 inches square and one inch deep. The top here is flat and plain. The reverse side has a cane pattern and the words L.E. Smith Glass Co. that can only be read looking through the glass.

Liberty Bell, Mosser - This liberty bell is a solid piece of glass. It is unmarked but believed to be Mosser.

Liberty Bell, St Clair - These 2 3/4 inch tall liberty bells are pictured here in red (amberina), chocolate, amethyst, blue and green. Each says St. Clair in the inside except the green one which says "Wedron".

Liberty Bell, Degenhart - These small bells say "1976" on the outside and have the "D" in a heart Degenhart mark on the inside.

Levay - Gary Levi made glass in addition to commissioning it from other makers. Mostly paperweights which may be considered art glass.

Logo; Boyd - Made by the Boyd Crystal Art Glass. This paperweight forms a diamond shape and is 3 by 2 1/2 inches.

Logo; 100 Years, Fenton - This paperweight has a textured surface. It reads "100 Years Fenton 1905-2005".

Logo, Fenton - This paperweight has an oval base and is in green opal. It reads "Authentic Fenton Handmade. Also found in several other colors.

Logo, Imperial - This logo paperweight for Imperial was probably not made by Imperial as it is not an Imperial color. Probably by Summit.

Logo, Mosser Glass - This 3 inch round amethyst paperweight shows the Mosser Glass logo of a Capital "M" in an outline of the state of Ohio. And the logo appears on the bottom.

Lovebirds, Fenton - These paperweights are 2 1/2 inches wide, 4 inches tall and 1 inch thick. This pattern has a matching vase also made by Fenton.

Ohio Flag - These 3 1/2 inch round amethyst paperweights are rather scarce. The paperweight has the image of the flag of Ohio and the lettering "Ohio Flag 75th Anniversary, 1902-1977.

Owl on Books - Found with several makers marks including Westmoreland, St Clair, Degenhart and even sign Hansen. This owl sitting on books is 3 1/2 inches tall.

Owl Paperweights - Several companies made owl paperweights. From left to right are a Mosser in blue, unknown in amethsyt, Boyd in vaseline and St Clair/Summit in blue.

Owl Paperweight, Fenton - Another owl paperweight, this one by Fenton.

Pear Paperweight, Gibson - Similar to the Apple Paperweight.

Polar Bear, Summit - Can be found with the Summit mark of a "V" in a circle or a Summit sticker. They can also be signed by Hansen. Summit made these in various colors including red and vaseline.

Pontiac Hood Ornament - Guernsey - Found in a number of colors including iridized blue, green, pink and red, as well as, non-iridized colors including jade green, slag and vaseline. They are marked Guernsey Glass by having the "B" in a triangle.

President Paperweights, Wheaton - Wheatoncraft made a series of paperweights in the late 1960s and into the 1970s featuring early American presidents. The paperweights are 4 inches across and one inch deep. They have no paper labels on the back as they are mostly marked on the front as being from Wheaton.

Ram's Head, Mosser - Some maybe unmarked but others have the Mosser Glass mark "M inside the State of Ohio". They are quite rare. Found in crystal, blue milk glass and the iridized cobalt shown here. They are 3 3/4 inches tall and are made from a mold originally owned by Heisey Glass.

Seasons Greetings - Mosser - These 3 inch paperweights were made by Mosser Glass and say "Seasons Greetings" and "Mosser Glass" with a Christmas tree in the center.

Texas Star - Summit - These 4 1/2 inch paperweights comes in two colors; a light blue / celeste and a darker amethyst. The Texas Carnival Glass Club used the piece as their 2000 convention souvenir.

Train - St Clair - These 5 inch long paperweights by St Clair resemble a train locomotive.