Holly City Bottle Company
Holly City Bottle Company was associated with Wheaton Glass Co. in Millville NJ. To celebrate the American Bicentennial of 1976, Wheaton, under the label "Holly City Bottle" made iridized paperweights with various symbols of the American Revolution on them. The paperweights were made in two colors; a light blue glass and a dark amethyst glass. Each paperweight is approximately 4 inches across and one inch deep.

Millville NJ, where Wheaton is located, is referred to as the "Holly City" due to the fact that a large nursery was (or is) located there and Millville was a large supplier of holly shrubs.

Interestingly, bicentennial paperweights include Iwo Jima which was not an American Revolutionary event but a WWII event. However, it does have a bicentennial label on the back. Also, there is a paperweight for the City of Vineland NJ to celebrate the bicentennial '76. Vineland, located next to Millville, is the city where Vineland Glass Co. was located. They made stretch glass and Durand art glass.

Holly City Bottle Co. also made accompanying plates and bottles for some of the paperweights with the paperweight's design in the center of the plate surrounded by a border of stars. These are much more scarce than the paperweights themselves. The plates are marked in the mould "Holly City Bottle Co."; on the inside rim of the plate's exterior.

Liberty Bell #1 - Marked "© H 75" Liberty Bell #2 Boston Tea Party American Eagle
Valley Forge Fife and Drum #1 Fife and Drum #2 Independence Hall
Paul Revere Iwo Jima Vineland NJ 1775-1975 US Navy Bicentennial
Trappings of Liberty Washington Crossing the Delaware MinuteMen Old Ironsides
35th President John F. Kennedy
Marked "HCB 76"
36th President Lyndon B. Johnson
Marked "HCB 76"
37th President Richard M. Nixon
Marked "HCB 76"
38th President Gerald R. Ford
Marked "HCB 76"
An American Tradition - Circus Millville Fire Department Apollo Rocket Cape Canaveral Apollo / Soyus
Paper label on back of bicentennial paperweights made with light blue glass Paper label on back of bicentennial paperweights made with dark amethyst glass Biege paper label on back of 35th thru 38th president series Green paper label on back of the Circus and Apollo paperweights