Guernsey Glass Company - Cambridge, Ohio
Harold Bennet worked for Cambridge Glass until it closed in 1958. He opened the Guernsey Glass Company in 1967. At this time he owned the trademark "Nearcut" which was previously used by Cambridge.

Not sure if Guernsey actually produced any of its own glass. Mosser Glass made much of the glass sold as Guernsey. Guernsey pieces are marked with a capital "B" in a triangle for Harold Bennet.

Harold & his wife Judy owned & operated the Cambridge Glass Museum which they opened in 1973 as well as their antique shop across the street from the museum. Guernsey Glass ceased operations in the late 1980's and the musuem closed in 2004.

Other Carnival glass made by Guernsey Glass:

Inverted Strawberry
Pontiac Hood Ornament