WheatonCraft - Millville, NJ
WheatonCraft of Millville, NJ is mainly known for producing collector plates and bottles in the 1970s through the 1990s, some of which were iridized. They also produce some iridized novelty items (see below).

They produced a series of 36 iridized collector mini bottles featuring the then 36 presidents. These came in 3 styrofoam boxes where the lid resembled the White House. These bottles are about 3 1/2 inches tall. They also produced a series of 44 larger, eight inch tall, presidential bottles featuring the first 44 presidents. Only some of these larger presidential bottles are iridized.

Often when they produced a series of bottles, they produced a corresponding series of plates or bottles. See the links below.

For more information on Wheaton Glass Company,

see Lloyd Reichel's book entitled "Modern Carnival Glass Collectors Book I".

see Lloyd Reichel's book entitled "Modern Carnival Glass Collectors Book II".

Other Plate and/or Bottle series made by Wheatoncraft:

Great Americans
Hollywood Stars

Other carnival glass made by Wheatoncraft:

Boy and Girl Bookends
Early American President paperweights
Jaws and Frog paperweights
Mary and Jesus wall plaques